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Mount Shasta Transmission: Accessing a 5D Portal for Global Ascension

Listen to this transmission recorded just below the summit of Mount Shasta. This was recorded in September 2016. (Please note that since this recording was made in the open and the occasional background noise is the wind).

Mount Shasta is a very sacred and special place to say the least; it is much more than just a mere mountain. Mount Shasta is one of the seven sacred mountains of our planet. Mount Shasta is a mystic power source for this planet. It is a focus for angels, spirit-guides, spaceships, masters from the Light Realm, and the home of the survivors of Ancient Lemuria, which sank under the waves of the Pacific Ocean a little over 12,000 years ago. Mount Shasta is an entry point of the Light-Grids of this planet, where most of the energy comes first from the galactic and universal core before it is disseminated to other mountains and into the grids. Most mountaintops, especially tall mountains, are Beacons of Light, feeding the light-grids of this planet.

Strange lights and sounds are often seen or heard on the mountain. Strange cloud formation and outstanding sunsets add to the mystical aura of the mountain. Mount Shasta is also the home of the present-day Lemurians, survivors of the sinking of the continent of Lemuria over 12,000 years ago. Telos is the Lemurian underground city that exists far beneath the mountain. Telos is a city of the Argathan Network that is said to be made up of over 100 cities.

In this transmission you can access a multidimensional vortex of 5D energy that can assist you with the current shift and awakening on the planet.






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  1. I spent 10 days under the mountain experiencing it’s beautiful and powerful energy. This transmission was the first I have done in the open. I sat on a huge boulder some 12 feet high. I have done my best to edit out the wind but it does want to be heard in certain places! I found Shasta to be one of the most intense sacred sites I have visited thus far. I am still integrating the experience back in London.

    1. Yes, I was in Mount Shasta just before you, in August, and ever since I came back I have been very intent in healing with crystals. They have really contact me to do this. Such powerful vibration in this mystic place. Fell in love with Mount Shasta 🙂 Thanks for your sharing!

    2. I liked the audio activation.
      I climbed halfway up Mount Shasta in May of 2014.
      I visited the headwaters of the Sacramento River at the Mount Shasta park.
      I visited here and there around the mountain.
      IMHO, Serpent Mound in southern Ohio has MUCH higher vibrational fields.
      Next time you visit the US, make a visit to Peebles, Ohio and see Serepent Mound for yourself.

    3. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this incredible transmission It was amazing. Thank you, thank you,thank you. <3<3<3@-}–

    4. Mt.Shasta is north of me about an hour as the crow fly’s, I have lived in this area most my life and it is quite amazing. I have felt heavy energy’s
      lately all around me as I have mts. surrounding me. Thank you so very much for this recording, I appreciate it. God blessings to you forevermore.

    5. Thank you for your great work. I cannot wait to get to Mount Shasta. I feel that it is home base for me. I also have a powerful grid by me in New York. Your transmission is so powerful it is invigorating. After your Soul L8ght Transmission I received vibrations in multiple places in many areas of my body. Thank you! Leah

  2. I own a house in Burney, in Shasta County, (my mom’s, RIP), and I was thinking about letting it go.

    Now I feel that there is a purpose for it and I will be assisted in the project.

  3. Thank you for the transmission. I asked for help last night to bring me back into balance and this transmission was on my fb. I am now vibrating much higher and I feel so much better. Thanks again, it was beautiful.

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful transmission. So powerful. You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. ✨✨

  5. I stumbled upon this one early morning recently. Incredibly divine and the transmissions were so loving. Thank you x infinity! Such a gift during this time. Only love!!

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