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Quantum Psionics. An Interview with Founder/Creator Regia Prado.

I came across the system known as Quantum Psionics and was immediately intrigued. I am now training in the various levels/modalities and can attest to its healing and transformational potential. Here I am interviewing the founder, Régia Prado (who is of Brazilian origin) through a Portuguese translator. – Steve Ahnael Nobel


Please say something about your spiritual journey?

“My spiritual journey began at age 12, when I was invited to a children’s party in the Umbanda religion. I remember seeing the manifestation of children’s entities in adults which made me curious, and one of the advisors told me that those people were lending their bodies to consciousness’s that were still not incarnated…

(The type of manifestation mentioned above is a phenomenon called incorporation, practiced in Spiritism, is a very common religion in Brazil, where a medium (person endowed with mediumship) places herself at the disposal of disincarnated entities so then may speak and act as if lending the body to the manifestation of Entities, in this case, children, such as São Cosme and Damião).

That day I lost the fear of death. I also understood all my own processes of astral projection that I had already experienced so far. I searched for answers in many different religions. I studied several of them, but I dedicated myself very little to each one, because in a short while I realized that it was not what I was looking for…

Around the age of 30, I had my first conscious experience of connection with my I Am. My perception of life totally changed. I was able to build within me a Temple of connection with the Divine. I discovered that Truth was not in any religion, but in each and every person. By studying and seeking for answers, my universe expanded.

I now created a project that shares information, also providing quality courses: in an objective and unbiased way, without any fears, aimed for people who are on the same process of inner search process, called “Gaia Coral Project”. This name refers to the manifestation of the so called “Coral Consciousness Level” in Humanity, which is the same thing as Collective Ascension.

Currently, in my studies, I’m more focused on meditation, Sacred Geometry and Alchemy. I try to provide my students with experiences of self-knowledge and empowerment, by using the Psionic or Radionic Tables that I’ve created over the years, providing training for potential therapists.

What were you looking for?

I wanted to know more about life and death and also about life after death. The first place I went to get answers was in the different religions.

What happened on the day you lost your fear of death?

After the event of the party I mentioned, I lost the fear of dying, because I knew those children were alive, even without a body. I understood that to manifest themselves, there were people with a gift called mediumship who would “lend” their bodies to such manifestations, at those the children’s parties, for example. At that moment, everything happened to make sense, from my experience with the astral travel, I knew it was all true! I was an incarnate and disembodied being at the same time, so losing my body was just like taking off my clothes.

Please tell us something more about your experience with astral projection.

Today I know what is astral projection, but when I was a child I did not know. Until the age of 10 years old it was normal for me to leave the body, to go to places that normally could not. My whole childhood I kept doing this, and for me it was very natural, and I thought everyone could do it, just like me. After I fell asleep, I would start getting out of my body, first getting out of my feet all the way up, until I disconnected from my head, and after that, I’d look at my body and walk away from it. I would not choose consciously where I wanted to go, but I remember that I enjoyed going to a place where there was a huge water pool.

Sometimes, there were other people, sometimes not. I couldn’t talk to anyone by my own choice, but I could interact normally with anyone I met. When I commented on an experience I’d had with my mother, she was very worried, she said that it was not common to do this, that we had a silver cord that could be broken, causing death… I was afraid of dying, for I did not see such a silver cord, and so I simply stopped astral traveling.

How was the experience of the first contact with your “I Am”? Tell us a bit more about this experience.

It was one of those days that everything went wrong, with delays, traffic, conflicts at work. I had to spend a lot of time in a traffic jam and I still ran out of gas in my car, taking away any control over my activities that day. I was very, very nervous and I was crying and distressed.

Then I saw myself disconnected in different parts (like different personas). I could see and feel them. But then as an ego, I managed to control them, as if they were piano keys, where I would choose who would take action at a given moment. However, there was still one of me that was different: she just watched and knew all of them – she was me. As an ego, I recognized myself and recognized it as well, and I was part of it.

After the crisis, it seemed like I had woken up, and I saw things in a very different way. I was pervaded by an incredible feeling of power, a clarity and empowerment that allowed me to make the right decisions. The daily vices were all abolished, as if they were not mine anymore…

During the rest of that day, I felt as if I was someone else in every way. I had gained the Wisdom to do things I did not know, to make decisions that I could not have made before. I even put in order a department that I had not been able to for months. I simply knew how and when to do anything. I felt totally permeated by a deep sense of peace and fluidity.

I knew that I was connected to myself and in perfect harmony. From there all things have changed in my life, for the better.

Many spiritual teachers are saying that we are going through a planetary shift in consciousness. What do you feel is happening right now?

I feel that Humanity is being called to ascend for the first time in the history of Mankind. I also believe that this happened now, because we have taken a great “quantum leap” toward our greater mental capacity. Not I only do I believe in it, as I also seek to help create it, in the same way as other several Lightworkers around the world.

Many people are worried about what is happening on the planet right now. Do you feel there is any cause for concern?

I do not think there’s a real cause for concern. To think that we’re in control, it’s silly. And this quantum leap of consciousness of Humanity is part of a great energetic shift of the planet itself. It’s part of that process. We can understand this and do our best to help and cooperate, for the highest good of all, or we may just moan about the bad things that are happening… Everyone chooses where they want to be. This is just a choice, which is part of the whole learning process.

What does it mean to awaken in this world? It seems there can be internal resistance to this process of awakening. Can you say something about the ego and its resistance to the light of the Higher Self?

I believe that the ego is a necessary structure for us to manifest in 3D, and that our ego brings an initial programming of fear, which is also necessary for the preservation of Life and species. Any manifestation that tries to modify the structure where it’s included, will always generate a resistance. The ego has the illusion of being the “I” as a whole and not just a part of it. As part of the current process of Awakening, the ego must be removed from the command, but not eliminated, as it still has the role of keeping us alive in this world. The Higher Self can thus gradually take control of the situation, without the ego interfering.

Can you say something on the subject of karma? How can certain issues encountered in our past lives influence our present situation?

I believe that being on Earth is like being at a university, committing ourselves to some learning, through our choices. When we don’t learn, we have to repeat the lesson, and each time it may require more effort. And this we call karma. Usually karma is associated with suffering, but there is no need for learning to come in this way. It can be experienced lovingly. There is also no need to remember past lives, but instead we must live this life in the here and now fully. If we do our best, what you call karma will be overcome.

It seems there can also be interference to this process of awakening from various sources. What are the kind of forces that can interfere in our awakening process?

I believe the main source of interference is fear. The process of understanding fear and dissolving any fears would be the ideal remedy for this process of awakening of Mankind.

There are many sources of fear. Our own ego mind, our family, culture etc. How can we clear fear?

We cleanse our fears when we can see what we really are, and that fear is only a part of ourselves, not our reality. There are techniques that work well to find these fears in the mental and emotional fields and then to disable them.

What kind of spiritual tools are available for clearing karmic and other sources of interference and shifting us out of fear into love/unity consciousness?

Individual talents, theatre, music, art, sports, holistic therapies, Psionic or Radionic Tables, New Age spirituality, Medicine, Science – all manifested things that are a channel for Love and individual expertise. This is the point of balance between spirit and matter. All these things bring to Earth the message of the universal language: Love

I really loved learning Quantum Psionics. Can you say who this system is designed for and how it can help those in the ascension/awakening process?

The topics covered in the Quantum Psionics courses help to eliminate internal blockages and limiting beliefs, showing our inner guidance that needs to be followed. It provides greater self-confidence and self-empowerment, by accessing and rescuing our own capacities and inner strength. This Vibrational Healing modality can help enormously in the process of awakening and ascension, all are called to assume their Mastery, and this is not an easy process because it implies taking responsibility for yourself, but it also brings greater clarity and wisdom as well. This is knowledge that liberates, expands, allows for it!”

Régia Prado: Brazilian by origin, naturalized Portuguese, currently living in Portugal. Regia has been teaching Quantum Psionics and Self-Knowledge courses for some 15 years, both on-line and face-to-face. Regia has created 5 different Quantum Psionic Tables over the years, which are actively used for healing and transformational purposes by many practitioners around the world. Regia currently teaches Quantum Psionic practitioners and teachers on four continents. (This interview was conducted by Steve Ahnael Nobel through a translator).

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  1. Interesting article Steve, I looked into Regia’s site and sent you a private email, hope you will find useful …

  2. I’m very astound to be one of the first to address this modality. Hoping I’ll quit making excuses and being able to follow along with you guys.

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