How to Know If You Are Channeling from the Highest Light by Kristin Taylor.

“Many students express to me that they are worried that they are not connecting at the right frequency or that they are contacting the wrong beings when they channel. This is a real concern. It is always important to make sure that you are connecting to the right place.” Here are some tips:

Spend time getting to know your own energy. If you study channeling with me, I will require you to get to know how your own energy field feels before allowing anything else to come into it. Most people are really not used to how their own energy field feels because they have over-mingled energy with others for so long, whether in family or love relationships. So it is really good to get back to you and make this a practice before doing any channeling.

Set the intention from the beginning. Make sure that you set the firm intention before you begin each session to connect only with specific beings, like archangels of the highest light, or with (any) beings of the highest light. When you start out, it is best to be more specific.

Set very strong intentions. You are in charge with channeling, but you have to be firm. You cannot set wishy washy intentions and expect them to be respected. They must be very firm, rock solid intentions with no wavering whatsoever. COMMAND that the universe follow your intentions. Perhaps it is better to think of them as directions, commandments or proclamations rather than intentions.

Be patient. You may not feel anything for quite some time. Channeling is subtle and you must become more sensitive and attuned to finer vibrations before you can sense the energies. Just sitting and breathing with intention is enough at the beginning. Trust that the guides (and teacher) you are working with have a plan for your development.

Get an “introduction” from a teacher. The easiest way to connect to the appropriate energies is to get an energetic “introduction” from a teacher you trust and who has been channeling for a long time. You can use her connection to that being for yourself.

Develop a sense of each being’s energy signature. Start to pay attention to how it feels each time Archangel Raphael is around, for example. Notice the subtle energies and feelings around you when you invoke him. If you ask, the being will draw attention to the signs to let you know that he or she is there with you.

Start to develop a code of signals with each being you work with. You can encourage the signs from each being by developing energetic symbols. For example, with Archangel Raphael, I first set the intention to connect with him as I sit down to meditate. Then I imagine the most beautiful color of healing green all around me (among other procedures which I will explain in my channeling classes). I also feel a profound stillness especially in my heart. I always think of Archangel Raphael as the quiet angel, bringing deep healing and wisdom in a very tranquil way. Thus, I have developed my own symbolic code with Archangel Raphael, and he can use this any time to let me know that he is around. I can invoke it when I sit with him to help get the conversation going, so to speak.

No communication with random beings. It is good practice to set the intention to not accept communication or energy exchanges from beings you do not know. Here is where you have to be strict with your curiosity. All beings must come introduced by a teacher or, later on, by another spiritual being you are used to working with. Would you invite a complete stranger into your home? It is the same with channeling. With time, you will develop discernment and be able to tell higher frequencies from lower, but you still won’t want to connect with random beings.

No communication at night.  This one is up to you, but I personally recommend setting up a rule that nothing can contact you at night. This is just my personal preference. I do sometimes get guidance in my dreams, and I’m okay with that.

Observe how you feel. Channeling beings of the highest light always feels good. There is no exception. I have accidentally connected with lower beings early on in my development, and they felt horrible. Sometimes they even physically hurt. Beings of the highest light feel absolutely amazing, and they leave you feeling wonderful and uplifted. If anything does not feel good, immediately stop. Ground yourself, center and get back to your own energy.

Lose your fear of lower beings. If you are really afraid of lower beings, you will need to release this fear before you will be able to channel. It’s best to also clear any beliefs that lower beings even exist, and then they won’t show up in your reality!

Start to trust in your own time. Channeling is all about trust and being able to let go. If you have a hard time trusting and opening up in general, it will take you longer to learn to channel. It is worth it, though, so go slowly and be patient with yourself.

Lighten up and just sit in the energy. If you go at your own pace just sitting in the energy of the archangels, for example, without rushing ahead, there is very little chance that you would connect to the wrong energies. Relax, imagine you are surrounded by loving, supportive beings of the highest light and you will be!

A natural intuitive, Kristin was aware of her gifts from a young age. She began exploring energy work fifteen years ago when she discovered Reiki. Her experience with Reiki developed her intuition and inspired her to pursue further spiritual training. She has since become a Reiki Master/Teacher and taken courses in several healing modalities including Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and ThetaHealing®. Kristin also undertook extensive studies in channelling and mediumship at the prestigious London College of Psychic Studies and at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College. Kristin is a gifted channel and easily reached the advanced level in her courses. Kristin is running an online course in Connecting with Your Angels 2nd May

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