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The Lyran Starseed Transmission: Clearing Ancestral Star Patterns/Preparing for the 5D Shift.

The Lyran Starseed Transmission: Clearing Ancestral Star Patterns/Preparing for the 5D Shift.


Listen to this Lyran Starseed Transmission recorded by Steve Ahnael Nobel in London (September 2016).

The Lyrans are primarily a feline-humanoid race. They have a very long history with the earth. Other species exist in Lyra and have made contact with humanity. This feline Lyran race helped with the seeding of various species and most importantly from our point of view, contributed to the seeding of the human race. Lyrans also seeded the Pleiades, Vega, Orion and Sirius. Some of these Lyran colonists made contact here during the Lemurian and Atlantean periods.

One of the great strengths of the Lyran civilisation was its pioneering spirit. (In Captain Kirk fashion to boldly go where no-one has gone before). Because of this they have encountered many challenges in their journeys around the galaxy and have known many wars. Whereas the Lyrans were pioneers of time/space their colony on Vega, increasingly over time, were more concerned with exploring the inner planes of reality. The Vegans have visited the earth many times in our history and gifted to humanity much of our earth based spirituality.

After a long and challenging cycle of evolution many Lyrans have moved beyond polarity into a more unified consciousness. They have resolved the dilemma of duality consciousness and realised that the inner and outer are but mirror reflections of one reality. They have learnt to appreciate and honour both.

This transmission is designed to help you with our current shift from a 3D reality to a 5D reality. This transmission works with Arch Angel Metatron, with Ariel, Archangel of Lyra and many other angelic forces from this system. It also works with ascended Lyran and Vegan masters of light to clear old ancestral patterns of conflict, exile or rescuing and to replace these 3D energy patterns with higher 5D patterns of light and possibility.

The Lyran Starseed Transmission: Moving Beyond Duality. from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.



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  1. The Lyrans have a very long history with the earth and with seeding the human race. I feel I have a deep history with this group. They were very pleasant to work with and I am still integrating the impact of this transmission on myself. They are still with me working in the dream-state. It seems the rabbit hole of multidimensional existence goes very deep.

    1. WEGA – the Lyran Central Sun is actually 5D synchronized with sun and planet earth through the CAUAC/AHAU (pluto) galactic gateway in tropical zodiak 15° capricorn position, 2016/2017 !

  2. Wowzer, that was intense! My spine had lots of movement from start to finish. Thank you for sharing Steve, much appreciated.

  3. Thank you so much, I feel a deep sense of familiarity with the Lyrans and as soon as I play this transmission my cat reacts as though the room is filled with beings. i find this a very relaxing and deep meditation.

  4. Thank you. I needed this transmission at this time in my life. Bright blessings to you Steve. Xxx

  5. How often can I repeat this meditation? Does it need to be repeated? I felt like it brought back memories of my origin and could feel the energy powerfully!

    1. If you WANT to listen again and are being pulled to listen again…then there IS more to learn from the source.
      I’d advise listening to this med many times

  6. You forgot about us Andromedan? We were there too but were more like warriors who have fought those intergalactic wars. Also became prisoners and were genetically spliced but of course we come from Lyran descent but contain Draconian bloodline dna

  7. This was the single most intense experience I’ve had in a meditative state! It’s difficult to express through words the nature of the experience but I felt powerful waves of what almost felt like electrical shivers pulsing through my body that grew in intensity especially in the last 15 or so minutes at which point tears just started to pour from my eyes-i have no idea why but it was a powerfully intense and beautiful experience unlike anything I’ve had up till now.

  8. Is it possible for someone to contact a being and find out if they are going to let humanity die and be enslaved with this Corona Virus trojan horse? We as a a race have allowed those ruling to shut down our economies all over the world, meaning no money, no food etc. The great depression will be nothing compared to what’s coming. They are trying to kill us off down to 1% of the population as they have all told us over and over and yet we never listened. Are the Lyran going to just stand by as mankind gets wiped out? I’m too new at this to connect. Can someone who can please do so and see if they are going to allow this mass extinction?

  9. Insights and ascension have been transpiring for me in the dream state also. I was just saying earlier that my expansion is never-ending. I asked who this being was and i heard ‘archangel,’ which is funny because i never believed in this sort of thing. I’m not sure I slept last night, was just given endless information in the most blissful, loving, energetic, emotionally orgasmic state. I kept hearing, ‘Lemuria,’ repeated in my mind all night. This is all new to me, so I’ve been researching and absorbing quickly, but finding the connections with others in their experiences is so beautiful. I am starting to understand who I really am.

  10. I truly love your website.. Very nice colors & theme.
    Did you develop this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m attempting
    to create my own personal site and want to learn where
    you got this from or what the theme is called. Thank you!

  11. Starseed Steve,
    Who does your artwork?
    The beautiful cat face at the beginning of the video made me catch my breath. It felt like a very old yet forgotten familiar face.
    Thank you for your precious work.
    It is greatly appreciated as your voice is pure magic.

  12. For those who are confused it’s understandable for this planet has never gone through something like we have the past 2 years, which was meant to happen for the great awakening. The un balance of positivity on planet earth was to low the universe decided to send positive light beings to level off and balance the polarity’s of the universe, follow your intuition have faith and hope and trust your self be kind and love one another this is a message from the higher council of light. ‍♂️⭐️✨

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