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Hidden Secrets of Your Chakras

“One of the simplest ways to relieve pain and suffering is to take better care of your chakras. What are your chakras? Your chakras are energy vortexes, both large and small, located throughout your body as well as your energy field. Many people have heard of their seven major chakras, but you have many others. Some energy medicine experts claim there are as many as 23 chakras located not just in your physical body but also throughout your energy field both above the crown of your head and below your feet. They are part of your pranamayakosha, or energy body, and regulate the well being of your physical body as well as the quality of vital energy you experience on a daily basis. When your chakras are open and balanced, they spin a clockwise direction. When you are unhealthy, your chakras may be closed or spinning in a counterclockwise direction.”

Article by Catherine Carrigan who is a medical intuitive healer.


What You Need to Know About Your Chakras…

You’re probably aware that it’s a good idea to exercise regularly, eat right, sleep well and manage your stress. But who has ever told you that it’s also a good idea to balance your chakras? And why is this a really good idea anyway? Your chakras literally regulate the well being not only of your physical body but also your psychological experience. When you experience physical pain or mental suffering, there’s a 110 percent likelihood that a chakra that corresponds to the area in your body or your emotional process has been out of balance for some time. That’s because everything that happens to you occurs not just at the physical level, it also resonates throughout your energy body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. You have a stereophonic experience of life. When I do a medical intuitive reading, I look at:

  • Your primary operating chakra, which tells me the filter through which you experience life.
  • The chakra or chakras that are out of balance.

Here is a simple guide to the hidden secrets of your chakras from my Amazon No. 1 best seller, What Is Healing? Awaken Your Intuitive Power for Health and Happiness.

When you balance your chakras, you can cause huge changes throughout your entire well being. As you learn how to take better care of your energy body you can lessen your reliance on medication, experience greater vitality and connect more deeply to your guidance from your soul. When you are injured, sick or suffering in any way, you can get well faster by inquiring which of your chakras has been affected and using this simple guide to direct your self care.

1st Chakra, Root Chakra (Muladhara)…

Color: Red. Glands: Adrenals. Developmental age: 2nd trimester in the womb to 12 months. Sound: Lam, C note.

Location: Between your urethra and anus.

Purpose: our foundation.

Issues associated with 1st chakra: Roots, Grounding, Trust, Health, Home, Family, Appropriate boundaries, Prosperity, Courage, Vitality, Self-confidence, Survival, Money, Seat of kundalini.

Signs you have a problem with your 1st chakra: Major illness or injury, Disconnection from the body, Fretful, anxious, can’t settle down, Poor focus, poor discipline, Financial problems, Poor boundaries, Chronic disorganization.

If your 1st chakra is excessive, you may experience: Hoarding, Overeating, Greed, Fear of change, addiction to security, Rigid boundaries,

Balanced characteristics: Good health, Vitality, Well grounded, Comfortable in your body, Sense of trust in the world, Feeling safe and secure, Able to relax and be still, Stable, Prosperous, Right livelihood.

Physical malfunctions: Disorders of the bowel, anus, digestive system, Adrenal burnout. Disorders of the solid parts of the body: bones, teeth, Issues with feet, legs, knees, base of spine, buttocks, hips. Eating disorders, Frequent illness, Obesity

Affirmations that support your 1st chakra: I have a right to be here. I am safe. I love my body and trust its wisdom. I live a life of abundance. I choose to be here in this body in this lifetime. I love my life. I am meaningfully connected to my family. I draw on my family for love and support. I honor my connections to my tribe and transcend them. I have plenty of money now. I nurture my connection with nature

To heal wounds of your 1st chakra: Get hugged or held. Create good bedding to you feel safe and comfortable as you sleep. Garden. Cook. Take a walk. Go barefoot. Have a picnic. Physical exercise. Lots of touch, massage. Reconnect with your body. Look at your earliest childhood relationship to your mother. Eat meat, proteins, red fruits and red vegetables. Resolve old family conflicts. Get out of survival mode and feel prosperous.

Yoga postures that benefit your 1st chakra: Standing poses, especially warrior poses, frog, butterfly, pelvic lifts, bridge, knee to chest, head to knee, seated boat, tortoise, eagle, lotus

2nd Chakra, Navel Chakra (Svadisthana)…

Color: Orange. Glands: Ovaries, testes. Developmental age: 6 to 24 months. Sound: Vam, D note

Location: Below your navel.

Purpose: Balanced Power and Sexuality

Issues associated with 2nd chakra: Sexuality, Ability to experience pleasure, Power, Creativity, Intimate relationships, Desire, Sexual identity,

If the 2nd chakra is deficient: Rigid physical body and attitudes, Fear of sex, Poor social skills, Denial of pleasure, Excessive boundaries, Lack of desire, passion or excitement, Powerless

If the 2nd chakra is excessive: Addiction to sex, drugs or alcohol, Mood swings, Excessive sensitivity, Overpowering, invasion of others, Emotional codependency, Obsessive attachments,

Balanced characteristics: Graceful movement, Emotional intelligence, In your own power, Comfortable with your own sexuality, Able to change, Healthy boundaries, Emotionally balanced, Ability to nurture self and others, Ability to experience pleasure in healthy ways,

Physical malfunctions: Disorders of the reproductive system, Menstrual problems, Sexual dysfunction, Low back pain, knee trouble, Lack of flexibility, either physically or emotionally, Inappropriate appetite (either too much or not enough).

Affirmations: I have a right to enjoy pleasure. I accept and celebrate my sexuality. I deserve to have fun. I feel comfortable as a man/woman. My sexuality is sacred. My life is pleasurable. I am flexible and go with the flow in life. I nurture and support all my relationships. I let go of all past emotional traumas. I am creative.

To heal wounds of your 2nd chakra: Give or receive massage. Take a bath. Work with your hands. Swim. Sit in a rocking chair. Clean your house. Feel music. Inner child work. Allow your hips to sway when walking.

12-step programs for addictions: Develop a healthy hobby just for fun. Develop healthy boundaries. Learn how to have healthy intimate relationships. Honor your femininity/masculinity. Eat orange fruits and vegetables.

Yoga postures that benefit your 2nd chakra: Forward bends, cobra, sphinx, boat, locust, bow, butterfly, child with knees apart, hip circles, pelvic lifts, hero, spinal twist.

3rd Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)…

Color: Yellow. Gland: Pancreas. Development age: 18 months to 4 years. Sound: Ram, E note.

Location: Solar plexus

Purpose: Center of psychic feelings

Issues associated with your 3rd chakra: Personal identity, Well balanced energy, Will power, Self esteem, Personal achievement, Balanced ego,

If your 3rd chakra is deficient: Low energy, Weak willed, easily manipulated, Low self esteem, Poor digestion, Victim mentality, Poor me, Passive, Unreliable, Easily overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings of others

If your 3rd chakra is excessive: Dominating, controlling, overly aggressive, Need to be right, Temper tantrums, Stubborn, Type A personality, Arrogant, Hyperactive,

Balanced characteristics: Responsible, reliable, Balanced, effective willpower, Good self esteem, Able to feel your feelings, Able to discern the difference between what you feel and what other people are feeling, Confident, Warm, Relaxed.

Physical malfunctions: Eating disorders, Digestive disorders, Liver, gallbladder, spleen or pancreas problems, Hypoglycemia or diabetes, Chronic fatigue, Muscle spasms,

Affirmations: I honor who I am and who I have a right to be. It is safe for me to feel my feelings. I can do whatever I will to do. I take pride in my work. I keep my word. I respect myself. I know who I am. I can say no when I need to.

To heal wounds of your 3rd chakra: Protect your solar plexus by imagining a screen in front of it. Visualize energy coming from the crown of your head and pushing out from your 3rd chakra like water pouring out of a fire hydrant. Express your anger in appropriate ways, punch a pillow, roll up the windows of your car and yell. Ask yourself how you are really feeling. Take risks. Deep relaxation, stress management. Martial arts. Learn to say no. Develop your willpower. Eat yellow fruits and vegetables. Balance your blood sugar.

Yoga postures that benefit your 3rd chakra: Spinal twists, bow, wheel, bridge, seated boat, lying facing boat, reverse plank, breath of joy, warrior poses, sun salutes.

4th Chakra, Heart Chakra (Anahata)…

Color: Green. Gland: Thymus. Developmental age: 4 to 7 years. Sound: Yam, F note.

Location: Heart center.

Purpose: To give and receive love.

Issues: Love, Balance, Self-nurturing, Relationships, Devotion, Reaching out and taking in, Balance between the physical and spiritual, Body-mind integration,

If the 4th chakra is deficient: Withdrawn, cold, antisocial, Judgmental, Intolerant of self or others, Depression, Loneliness, Fear of intimacy, Lack of empathy, Narcissism,

If the 4th chakra is excessive: Codependent, Demanding, Clinging, Jealousy, Overly sacrificing, Giving too much.

Balanced characteristics: Compassionate. Loving. Empathetic. Self loving. Altruistic. Peaceful. Strong immune system. Happy.

Physical malfunctions: Heart problems, Lung problems, Immune deficiency, Breathing difficulties, Circulatory problems, Tension between shoulder blades,.

Affirmations: I love myself unconditionally. I am able to give and receive love. I balance giving and receiving in my life. I deserve to be loved. There is an infinite supply of love in my life. I am the place that love flows through. I am loving to myself and others. I love what I do. I am surrounded by love and support.

To heal wounds of your 4th chakra: Carry your own baby picture. Write yourself a love letter. Eat green fruits and vegetables. Create a spiritual family of friends who really love you. Say I am sorry to someone you need to Adopt an animal from the pet rescue. Write a gratitude list. Work with your arms. Hug and be hugged. Forgive yourself and others. Journal. Breathing exercises. Do what you love to do.

Yoga postures that benefit your 4th chakra: Back-bends, fish, camel, bridge, wheel, cobra, child, upward facing dog, sage twist, triangle, balancing half moon.

5th Chakra, Throat Chakra (Vissudha)…

Color: Blue. Glands: Thyroid, parathyroid. Developmental age: 7 to 12 years. Sound: Ham, G note.

Location: Throat center

Purpose: Center for psychic communication

Issues: Communication. Creativity. Listening. Finding one’s own voice. Resonation.

If the 5th chakra is deficient: Fear of speaking your mind. Small voice. Tone deaf. Shy, introverted. Difficulty putting your feelings into words.

If the 5th chakra is excessive: Talk too much. Unable to listen or understand. Gossiping. Dominating voice. You interrupt others.

Balanced characteristics: Good listener. Resonant voice. Good sense of timing and rhythm. Clear communication. Creative.

Physical malfunctions: Thyroid problems. Disorders of neck, throat, jaw and ears. Toxicity in the body. Voice problems.

Affirmations: I speak my truth with love and grace. I express myself clearly. I listen with my whole heart. I allow my thoughts to flow. I speak from my heart.

To heal wounds of your 5th chakra: Play a musical instrument. Write letters that you later burn and release to the universe. Practice silence. Listen to music. Sing, chant, tone. Tell stories. Write in a journal. Laugh. Express who you really are. Eat blue fruits.

Yoga poses that heal your 5th chakra: Shoulder-stand, fish, neck stretches, neck rolls, rabbit, plow, knee to ear pose.

6th Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, (Ajna)…

Color: Indigo, a blend of red and blue. Gland: Pituitary. Developmental age: Adolescence. Sound: Om, A note.

Location: Between your eyebrows.

Purpose: Psychic vision.

Issues: Vision. Intuition. Imagination. Visualization. Insight. Dreams. Visions.

If your 6th chakra is deficient: Insensitivity. Poor vision. Poor memory. Difficulty seeing the future or alternatives. Lack of imagination. Difficulty visualizing. Can’t remember dreams. Denial—can’t see what’s really going on.

If your 6th chakra is excessive: Hallucinations. Obsessions. Delusions. Difficulty concentrating. Nightmares.

Balanced characteristics: Intuitive. Perceptive. Good memory. Imaginative. Able to access and remember dreams. Able to visualize. Able to think symbolically.

Physical malfunctions: Eye problems. Headaches.

Affirmations: It is safe for me to see the truth. My life evolves with clarity. I honor my psychic vision. I can manifest my vision. I am open to the wisdom within. I imagine wonderful things for my life. I like what I see.

To heal wounds of your 6th chakra: Get enough natural sunlight. Purchase a light therapy box. Meditate/Create visual art – paint, draw. Visit art galleries. Look at beautiful scenery. Climb to the top of a mountain and enjoy the view. Always look your best. Get a makeover. Surround yourself with beauty. Use full spectrum light-bulbs. Garden.

Yoga postures that benefit 6th chakra: Meditation, lotus, yoga mudra, cow’s head, dancer, spinal twists, plough, bridge, shoulder-stand, eagle.

7th chakra, Crown Chakra, (Sahasrara)…

Color: Violet fading to white. Gland: Pineal. Developmental age: Early adulthood.

Location: Crown of your head.

Purpose: Psychic knowing.

Issues: Spirituality. Connection to God. Transcendence. Belief systems. Union. Wisdom and mastery.

If your 7th chakra is deficient: Depression. Spiritual cynicism. Learning difficulties. Rigid belief systems. Apathy.

If your 7th chakra is excessive: Over intellectual. Spiritual addiction. Confusion. Disassociation from the body.

Balanced characteristics: Spiritual outlook on life. Able to learn easily. Intelligent, thoughtful, aware. Open minded. Humble before the beauty and wonder of the universe.

Physical malfunctions: Head injury. Mental illness. Coma. Migraines. Brain tumors. Amnesia.

Affirmations: I honor the divinity within me. I am connected to God and all that is. I am guided by my higher power. I am guided by a higher wisdom. I honor my knowing. I follow my inner guidance. Information I need comes to me whenever I need it. I am a soul with a physical body. I am passionate about my life. I do the best I can. I am open to new learning. I accept all parts of myself. I accept everything that happens in my life as a blessing from God. I know and experience that I am blessed by God.

To heal wounds of your 7th chakra: Read spiritual literature. Attend church, synagogue, or meditate regularly. Wear white clothing. Connect your body, mind, and spirit. Pray. Attend programs of learning and study. Listen to the silence. Use “cancel that” for any negativity. Practice watching your thoughts. Talk to God. Rest one day a week.

By Catherine Carrigan

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  1. Thank you for passing this article on. I’m a Reiki practitioner, so I work with the main chakras, and many others in and around the body. I cleanse and release old, stagnant energies, and cut cords, daily however, after reading this article I think I need to revisit my base, sacral and solar plexus chakras and do some more intense clearing and balancing. I now recognise that the daily clearing may not have been enough, considering all the things that I’ve experienced in life over the last few years. If I don’t do that deeper clearing I can see myself just attracting more of the same. Thank you for this synchronistic reminder. Love & light

  2. Thank you so much for such a beautiful article on the chakras. I work with the Emotion Code and I see how important it is to balance the chakras and to understand how they work. Love and light to you

  3. Thank you from the center of my heart dear Steve Nobel, I needed more information on The Chakra System for my podcast and your article is such a beautiful gift, you are so wonderful and generous God bless you always

  4. Thank you so much! Do you have a recording/transmission to clear & activate the main chakras? I’d be very grateful if you do, would you direct me to find it?

    I want to tell you how much you have helped me. You are a gift to me all of us.

    You have helped me clear so many low frequencies and helped me find my divinity and unique light. You are such a blessing ❤️

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