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Ascension News: Birthing a New Dawn. Releasing an Ancient Darkness.

Collective Awakening…

This is a subject that feels timely because much ancient darkness is being released right now from the planetary light grids and from our energy fields. We are passing through a powerful time in our collective awakening. Light and dark forces have pushed our collective evolutionary process to a crucial point. This seems to be an amplification of the dark whereas really our highly controlled media is very good at spreading news about the antics of the dark. In contrast the work of the dark is largely hidden to the mass consciousness on the planet.

A Pivotal Time…

It is likely in this pivotal time that many Starseeds on the planet will be called to awaken (2017-2018). We are being pushed to awaken and align with our true authentic light. This process of mass awakening will continue until around 2032. Then we enter a new period of seeding the new earth. Now we are clearing out the ancient darkness. Anything that is not love is being pushed to the surface. Fear and separation consciousness are the hallmarks of the outgoing epoch. Love and Unity consciousness are the hallmarks of the new age of light being birthed on the planet.

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  1. …maybe even Trump is just an old soul–like those that manifested aides so that our collective course might be corrected…

    1. There are many different views on the role of Trump. I feel he is there to shake things up. He is not part of the old illuminati network. However, he does have a huge ego and is not very experienced in his new role. Seems one of the benefits of his ‘reign’ is to unite the people against an autocratic style of governing. Time soon for people power to start flexing its muscles and making its voice heard. Sx

      1. I agree with Steve, unfortunately the ego of each of us has not allowed us to do things right. That is why the Beings of Light that are helping us to evolve make a lot of mention that we must educate the ego. Trump is aware of this and I think he’s going to play a good role.

    2. Trump is both pleadian and anninaki.This should get interesting. I am the same. I love Trump. I Trust he will make the right decisions if he is not misguided.

    3. Yes, I appreciate your neutrality. An astrologer I respect said his chart shows he is actually an exalted being! Good thing we get to forget on this side of the veil! At least for a bit more ease in.

  2. There is a great Debbie ford called the dark side of the light chasers that is very relevant to this post xxx

  3. Actually we are in the period called by the ancients the “apocalypse” which simple means “revelation” that is bringing hidden things to light, that’s the period that started around 2000 and will last until around 2030. The ugly things that shock many and are revealed now existed for ever, it’s just we find out about them only now.
    Another point is that Steve says, as very many others, that now only Starseeds are born on Terra and for a long time I also thought so without checking … well, for a certain reason I had to check out this point recently and looked into the long queue of souls that come to incarnation here and count them out and I had the surprise to discover that only 40% of souls been born now are 4D and over while 60% are still 3D. Anyway, 50 years before only 4% were 4D so now the rate is 10x bigger and increasing … Only after 2030 this statement will be true and souls lower than 4D won’t be able to incarnate around. Around 2035 we will be a 4D humanity and will stay so for about 250-300 years until we start to reach 5D in larger numbers …
    We all have to understand that 2012 was a general milestone, but things change gradually for large masses of billions, they cannot change instantly. What was accumulated in millions of years of 3D emotions in the collective subconscious cannot be discarded like in 5 years as many of us would like to happen … 🙂 Anyway, the rate of change is amazing and ever increasing ….

    1. Hi Claude, always happy to be corrected. Interesting you get around 40% born now are over 4D. I will have to recheck that point. I stand (potentially) corrected 🙂

    2. We do not have the years and lengthy process we would desire, the Internet is allowing this 5the dimensional shift to be much quicker than ever before. I believe this will be unavoidable to the sleepers as more and more people discover their potential.The collective can no longer support a 3dimensional existence because it is endgame for our 3dimenational structures

      1. I agree, The I. Either this ascension to 5D is happening or it is not and we should forget all the drama about it and stop with the fantasy. A Pluto Saturn conjunction in 2020 must make a difference. We either collectively awake quickly or slumber on, but a 6D spirit will not put up with 3D any longer.

  4. This article came at the perfect time. A group of my psychic friends and I, im a psychic/medium, had noticed that we were dealing with a greater amount of darker energy these days. I do cleansing and soul rescue work and couldnt understand why I was seeing so many negative attachments and bad energy in homes compared to say 5 years ago. Your article makes perfect sense. This planet is undergoing a great healing but the flip side of that is all the negative energy will be stirred up and brought to the surface to be cleared.
    I guess my role will be that of a spiritual road sweeper and refuse collector for a while.

    1. can you help me with dark energy invading my home as satellite laser attacks, probably because I am 70 and believe am in last incarnation–think i am leaving soon to go to 5d celestial realms, so attacks of 3 d beings using DOD warfare software to stop me have been full if lessons in last 4 years because I moved I moved un wittingly to 3d place–i have learn about and forgive darkness that I never knew existed.– Ann

    2. This makes a lot of sense. Last winter I felt such a darkness I honestly thought I would die that season and I’ve carried that feeling with me ever since. It’s like walking around with darkness in your pockets.

  5. I have been struggling with feeling the very negative and oppressive energy of many around me ever since Trump beame president. This article gives me renewed hope, as for such a long time I have been perplexed by how this world has been operating. Namely to benefit only a few,when we could all share equally the blessings of this place. Thank you for posting this.

  6. Hey steve! I wrote a nook about this. I walk in the light because i know where the darkness comes from. Its all related to Science. Download my book for free online.

  7. I’ve been (inevitably) facing my shadow self for the last while – and I almost got lost in it! So it’s good to read this to gain some perspective again. I feel I’m coming out of a phase of confronting a darker aspect of my ego/self that I’d been aware of for a while (but I was too afraid to explore it).

    I recently experienced a sudden kundalini surge, which got stuck around my third-fifth chakras, with random, acute physical symptoms. But thankfully this all seems to be moving on now.

    I also feel that another wave of collective fear has arisen somewhat recently. I found myself returning to an earth healing crystal grid I’d set up years ago, which had literally been gathering dust, to tune in with it again.


  8. Great article! After only several years of historical, religious, scientific (physics and biology) and philosophical crossexamination, I’ve come to similar conclusions myself. As Above So Below. We can read the patterns of the past to understand the full picture and where we’re headed. I believe the 4D is a transitory platform, a transitional state, upon which we can arrive at 5D.

  9. Hey Steve. I am an Earthseed and I am intouch very much with all of what is going on eps for Starseeds – my divine Purpose is tied up with theirs/ yours. And our ancestors (the indigenous tribes – many will be Earthseeds – very Earthly and wise.Who never lost touch with their deep connection to our Gaia, Mother Earth.) It is important our ancestors’ are listened and Earthseeds are listened too and acknowledged in a positive light Sx

  10. Cool,a really comprehensive article – I love it. You have inspired me to write an enlightening piece on Earthseeds/Lightworkers. Which I will publish soon. I like this article because it really gives you a good look at the micro and macro picture. Namaste Sx

  11. Hi I have concerns about being a drug user and have troubles with that bad habit. I was awaken 2016 September. Scence then I’ve changed !y ways deeply through loving one’s self, but still have problem completing stopping. Will this stop my ascension to 4d.

    1. I am not really an expert in the field you are asking about. Some substances, used wisely and in sacred ceremony, can augment the journey. Using drugs as an escape or as a bandaid for a deeper problem of course will not have this affect. Sx

  12. Cant stand how people make lightworkers sound like such weaklings. I can tell you my higherself is true warrior, Electric blue lightning body, bright white eyes. When i merged with my higherself just for a few secs in the astral state, by looking into his eyes. There was a dark shade-spirit, maybe demon. Right infront of my body. Showed up and took care of it. Soon as i woke i heard a loud unexplainable bang right where he had chased it. Anyone ever encounter something like this? He only speaks to me when i need it. I dont exactly have conversations with him. I see lightning blue sparks around me from time to time and concentrated flashes of blue every night around 2-3am.

  13. There are many newly awakened spiritual people that hoped something positive would happen after the August eclipse in terms of the ascension process. Many took part in the Unity Meditation for peace across the whole planet. Your post is both enlightening and refreshing and puts some perspective on the continuing New Earth ascension. I’ve only recently learnt about my galactic star family. We are truly living in exciting times

  14. I agree . Very much resonates with my own perception and realisation as I am going through many tests every single day. I am finding new techniques to tackle the challenges for myself and my nears and dears. These experience giving me new insights every time. Thank you for the article.

  15. Thankyou so much a friend sent me this writing this morning.We did a meditation together yesterday where i saw the black pyramid.I have been researching this the last few hours and came up with some suprising results.Like you i have been going through this process all my life being first wave.I have been struggling lately with whether i am actually light or darkness although my intent is for good.I think this must be a reflection of exploring facing and fighting the dark that led me to doubt.However the other day i had a breakthrough with the snake and the eagle and it made me realize how good has been corrupted even more than i thought and presented to us. more dots joining up.This work has been going on for a long time now and it gives me comfort that more are coming to help.I am tired.I have always known since a child that i would be here for the end and as i’m 60 that time cannot be to far off.Blessings to you brother and all light workers.x

  16. 2012 pivotal for me 7 days insomnia ringing in right ears , frequency downloads, severe anxiety panic attacks I went through the dark night of the soul… it’s a long story with much more details, I am in the process of writing this testimony…I went through profound change. And see everything with clarity and new understanding. LOVE AND LIGHT

  17. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to have read your article, Steve. I have been struggling desperately to keep my eyes in the direction of the light…often not sure if I want to go on. I, however, am an old warrior (61-derful years old) and your article has given me fresh hope. Thank you.

    1. Perhaps it was not the correct grammatical way to do it but also to highlight that these words are often used in various contexts to describe what I am trying to convey. At one level we can view life as a kind of game where there are forces for the light and forces that work against the light. This is what keeps the game going. Personally, I like to think of these as dark blocking or interfering forces, evil feels too loaded a word. Not sure if this helps. Sx

  18. I am a light worker/warrior
    I have been “attacked” more in the past 9 months than ever in the past. Either I am more “brighter” in the light or something shifted. I am an energy worker and vibrate at a higher frequency. My “gifts” have expanded quite rapidly. Would you have a more powerful protection shield so that I can move through my life safely?
    I have recently faced some deeper “dark” aspects of myself, and have brought illumination to those “aspects” that don’t serve me. Letting them go is a daily ritual. The dark mirror is a new threshold I have apparently inadvertently stumbled upon. 3 months of this, I was able to face and release and fill with illumination. Would you have a practice or protection shield, something more powerful than what I use? I would be ever so grateful.

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  20. Really glad that I have found this web site. 2017 has been a transformative year and my energy is definitely of a higher resonance. This said, the darker energies are still trying to block. But it’s nice to learn that as long as I keep practicing my methods that one day this wil all stop and I am doing what I am doing for the greater good, so to speak. Thankyou !! 🙂

  21. The truth is Steve after all your hard work (like me, it’s exhausting) you are still stuck in 3D. means on doing the inner work is that you ate just accepting snd ignoring the issues, surely. I want a new planet – nothing like this current Earth. How cam we achieve that simply by just coming to peace with all the evil still happening?

    1. Hi Terry, maybe what you are trying to say is that it is important not to ignore the issues of 3D. In this I agree with you, although focusing on the issues alone does not really help. From this article I am not sure how you come to the conclusion that I am ignoring the issues of the world. I have for a number of years been campaigning on social media for a number of social and environmental issues. The planet needs to be cleaned up. Many of our human systems need to be cleared of corruption. Yet the focus on our spiritual light and awakening is important. The outer reflects the inner. The pollution of the outer world is a reflection of the pollution of the collective consciousness. The world is shifting and yet we are still in a time of transition. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” We need a new level of consciousness in order to generate a new level of thinking which leads to a new level of solutions. The evil of which you speak is part of the evolutionary process. This is how the 3D world operates.Fortunately we are moving beyond that matrix though we are not clear yet.

  22. Heavy stuff.
    I am clearing a lot of past issues. One door seems to get closer to be closed when another door opens more violently. It is like “pandora box” opening. I painted the Idea on a canvas and it is literally happening. Ugly energies from the financial, Heath, and legal systems . Messy.
    I have the believe that I came into this time space planet with the energy of fifth Dimension in direct connection with my heart.
    I cannot deal with confrontation, war and disconnection.

    I feel that I need to contact you to help me to clear the path.
    Your transmissions have been my anchor.

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