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NEW (5D) ALPHA EARTH TRANSMISSION: A Communication of Grace and a Vision of Our Highest Collective Future.

In this remastered transmission, you will receive a high frequency transmission from the future. This is a communication of grace from those further along the timeline who share with us a vision of a new earth many decades in the future.

We are in an important time, a crucial turning point in our collective evolution. The old 3D world is dissolving. A new earth is being birthed. The emerging 5D paradigm Here we live in alignment, and the gateway is open for us to explore the bounteous wonders of the universe. Here growth involves fun, play and flow. There is no need to struggle.

The planet is starting a new 26,000 year cycle of evolution and we are here at the beginning point. The Earth, and all those walking the 5D timeline, are being cleansed of the past and opened to a new future timeline. This timeline is being held by a new planetary grid of energy.

This transmission focuses on opening the connection to our Higher Self along with Archangel Metatron who together shift our vibration from fear to love, separation to unity consciousness. It also invites in the energies of a number of star beings who are helping us in this planetary shift.

Our HS, Metatron and four star groups (Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus and Pleiades) open up for us a doorway to the 5D timeline to a New Earth. This doorway leads beyond this period of global transition (2012-2032) through the phase of dawning (2032-2070) and beyond into the birth of a new civilisation on the earth (2070-onwards).


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  1. Wow, thank you! I’ve just listened to this and the energy changes were wonderful. Very strong connection through my crown chakra, washing slowly down my body. I went on the journey into the future but I didn’t really see or sense much, but maybe I will with repeated journeys. Thanks Steve.

  2. Hi!Steve,I’ve listened to your guided meditations (free ones) and your meditations are the best I’ve ever heard..I love your softly spoken voice..I can follow you easily (spirit sent me to your meditations on G+Red) and I thought I might give them a try…I’ve read your book about Starseeds and was really impressed-very easy to follow-your” buy” meditations are £15 how much is that in Ozzie dollars?You sent me an email this morning and I listened to the 5D Earth transmission which I loved.I know what the NEW EARTH is going to look like through another website-Earth Ascends. com and they had what it would look like in the future (people,housing, accommodation,transport,food supplies,libraries, healings,baroque concerts.
    Yep I know I’de love to live in complete harmony with others. Maybe if I’m lucky I might meet you there haha! Well Thankyou anyway for your books and messsages and you!
    Carol Rebers S.Australia

  3. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for the beautiful ‘New 5D Earth Transmission,’ which I listened to last night. Unfortunately for me the music was very loud and overpowering making your voice difficult to concentrate on and also hear at times.

    When I meditate I do so in silence, and usually see things and also hold conversations with Beings, but did neither as all the way through the music was drowning out everything and mostly all I could think was “I wish this music would stop, or at least just be quiet in the background.” I’m sorry, but the music, which would be lovely to listen to at any other time, irritated me beyond words when I wanted to go through the experience so much. Looking forward to the next transmission.

    I meditate in silence, and hope you understand, as I feel you wouldn’t be listening to loud music when you meditate yourself, and receive the transmissions.

    With love, Angela

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