In this podcast-interview hear healer and channel Katy Tucker speak on the subjects of ascension, energy (including the need for energy clearing and protection) and the Crystal Grid (which is an elemental earth grid that can be used for a number of things including manifesting). This podcast includes a meditation to bring more light into your chakra system and particularly the root chakra.

Katy Tucker has been an avid traveller of the world for most of her life, she believes a clear understanding of the earth through experiences and immersion will facilitate the re-establishment of the harmony between human beings and nature. This is something that she brings to all her retreats and soul journeys. Starlight meditation is fundamentally about self-empowerment we see this as the key to true, core happiness and global ascension. The workshops, ceremonies, retreats and soul journeys that we run are dedicated to helping people find empowerment in their lives and as they walk their spiritual paths.


Podcast: Ascension, Energy and the Crystal Grid from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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