Listen to Katy Tucker speak on the fall of Atlantis and how this is affecting many of us on the earth-plane today. She also speaks about a special group of beings that held the unity consciousness for both masculine and feminine archetypal energies. This group of Atlantean beings are now returning once again. This podcast includes a healing meditation.

Katy Tucker is a channel who has been practicing as a Channel for a number of years. Katy is a light-worker, who works closely with indigo’s assisting them in finding their power. She works closely with the crystalline manifestation grid which is deep within the Earth, opening portals at Sacred Sites and healing in denser places. She channels Star-beings, Ancestors, Fairies, Elementals, ascended masters and Goddesses – and any guides that in the highest good at the time.


Podcast: Healing the Atlantis Wound from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.

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