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ASCENSION NEWS: Moving Beyond the Familiarity Zone.

You are not here to play small. You are not here to work in some dull dead-end job. You are not here to endure an unhappy relationship. You are not here to feel helpless or stuck. You are here to wake up to the fullness of your own light, your true brilliance and your inner untapped potential. This intention was set before you entered this lifetime. You planned to become a servant within this grand scheme of awakening. Until you fully wake up in this body of bone and blood you have no idea what you are truly capable of. You can only realise and actualise this when you get on track with your mission. The question is, are you going to take the red pill or blue pill?



A Cosmic Perspective on Resistance

It felt like a good idea at the time. As a Starseed entering this world you may feel a bit like someone who has signed up for a parachute jump. It sounded a good idea in the planning stage but now you are in the plane and the door opens and you feel the wind on your face it does not seem such a good idea. When you look down at the earth far below you definitely start to have second thoughts. Welcome to planet earth. You jump and notice that gorgeous thing called gravity embracing you with open arms. Gone is the light of the spirit worlds and the feeling of unity consciousness. You jump and hope for a good landing.

Falling asleep in this 3D world. When you arrive on planet earth you forget your mission. You have a vague idea that you are here to do something but that is about as far as it goes. Please note you are not on a mission to suffer. You are not here to understand this world, you are here to help create anew one. You have arrived at a time when this world is shifting out of a period of spiritual darkness. You are part of the light working here to create a new world. This process is not easy. Before you accepted this mission you knew there were challenges. Resistance is a normal aspect of waking up. Everyone on the planet has resistance. Awakening can be challenging. There is no awakening without some form of resistance. As we know we are passing through a powerful time in our collective awakening. The planet is ascending out of 3D and shaking loose much that is old and outdated. The planet has ascended into the 4D bandwidth and this means we have greater access to synchronicity, flow and miracles. The story does not end there since it is the destiny of this planet to ascend into the 5D bandwidth. There are many Starseeds on the planet assisting in this collective ascension process. This waking up process is not always easy, it is a little like getting born, after a process of discomfort there is a new phase that opens.

Waking up can be graceful or very challenging. Some Starseeds have fallen deeply asleep and so the process of awakening tends to be a bit more dramatic to compensate. At the graceful end awakening can seem like planning a trip to a new country. It feels exciting though there are practical challenges to arrange for the trip to ensure its ultimate success. At the more challenging end the journey is triggered by a seemingly unexpected event, perhaps an illness, a divorce, a betrayal, a redundancy, a powerful encounter with sacred plant medicine and so on. Whatever the process, whether graceful or challenging resistance is natural. It is a rule of thumb that the bigger the intended step, the bigger the intended awakening, the bigger will tend to be your resistance to the process.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it. Starseeds are here with a mission to help anchor a higher frequency of light, love and possibility on the planet. This alone is a huge mission but there is more. Many also come with more specific missions such as to work with energy and light, to heal the earth and the various kingdoms of life on the earth, and to break old 3D systems (these are the whistle-blowers, people like Julian Assange and groups such as Anonymous). Some come with missions to help other Starseeds awaken and get on their path. Many Starseeds are sensitive and intuitive and drawn to work as channels, healers and spiritual teachers. Starseeds are not immune to resistance and if anything, they have their own particular brand or flavour of resistance. Starseeds come with a sense of mission but fall asleep coming out of the birth canal and then have to work out what it is they are here to do. Starseeds, like everyone else on the planet begin to live within a tight comfort zone. The guardians of this zone are apathy, doubt, fear, hurt and many other forms of resistance. Starseeds in this zone forget their multidimensional nature and have a sense of being disconnected from their own light and from Source energy.

The energetic grids within and around the earth are shifting. I was born in the late 50’s when the old karmic earth grid was very much in place. I grew up feeling connected to this energy. When I came to the spiritual path and was taught grounding most of the spiritual teachers did not really know that a new earth grid was forming. In sessions, I find that most Starseeds are still too much connected to the old earth grid. Again, it is a simple matter to teach our energy fields to align with the new crystalline grid. When this happens Starseeds feel increasingly at home on this new ascending timeline. This alignment will help reduce resistance to awakening to their full power and potential.

Starseeds are here to end an ancient darkness. This planet is now a sacred planet. For thousands of years this planet was a dark planet where dark forces have been in control manipulating the masses. Even if a Starseed has not fully awoken there is a deep feeling that something is not right on the planet. Many Starseeds are super sensitive and feel lower frequencies around them. Many have been subjected to psychic attack on the astral planes. This can produce a fear in waking up and shining their light too brightly. Many Starseeds still carry unresolved karma from systems ruled by the ‘dark’. This is something that has to be faced during the awakening process. When I was waking up I had a strong memory of being burnt alive for being a witch. This was a terrifying vision but ultimately liberating. It helped me understand some of the fear of being persecuted for me ‘New Age’ beliefs that I was facing at the time. Many Starseeds are here at this time to also help resolve karma from other systems. There is much help here now and many tools to help dissolve karma without having to go through all the physical juggling acts usually involved in balancing 3D karma.

There are some unique challenges for Starseeds. One of the most challenging aspects of being here is that most Starseeds are super sensitive. Learning energetic boundaries is important. Also knowing how to release other peoples energy. Much internal resistance comes from other peoples energy that has been absorbed in the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. This tends to increase whatever natural resistance an individual has. So if someone has doubt then this can be amplified by taking on the doubt of others. If someone has an issue with self-love then absorbing angry and even hateful energies can amplify a highly critical and judgemental ego. This is something that has to be handled before stepping onto the path of your soul mission here.


A More Earthly Perspective on Resistance

From personal experience, I know that resistance is normal. So now it is time to get a bit more earthy and grounded on the subject of resistance. I also know that resistance points the way to where we know we need to go. Resistance will feel painful at some level. Resistance can manifest as physical, emotional and mental dis-ease. Stress and tension are signs of internal conflict. We want one thing but feel obliged to do something else. I am certain that much illness and disease across the planet would be reduced if we found ways to deal with resistance. Starseeds are just as prone to very earthy reasons for resisting their path as any Earthseed (someone who has been locked in the reincarnational cycle of the earth for a very long time). Starseeds are incredible, they come with a unique energy field, a unique form of consciousness, they have unique skills and expertise gathered from many lifetimes in many dimensions of experience. However, Starseeds are not superhuman. We come through the birth canal into a body of bone and blood. We will come into a family, whether joyful/functional or otherwise. We will have relationships and many of us will enter the world of work. All of this makes us prone to the kinds of resistance patterns generated on the earth-plane. Some of these are old and some very new.

Resistance can originate from your family and culture of birth. Starseeds often take on programming from their family (which can include ancestral patterning) and also can absorb unhelpful ideas and beliefs from their culture of birth. This is all part of becoming anchored in the old Matrix. This has certainly been the case for Starseeds coming to this dimension of earth over the past several decades. Now it is getting as little easier for Starseeds since many are now being born to parents, or at least one parent who is a Starseed. This is very helpful but does not prevent the Starseed from falling asleep to the totality of their true nature. Many feel and absorb fear from the bloodline and the 3D Matrix. Fear and separation consciousness has been the hallmark of the 3D Matrix and this needs to be known experientially so that it can be transmuted. This is one of the reasons Starseeds take on what feels like toxic energy. They need to learn that this is not their true nature and find ways to release energy from other individuals and the collective from their energy field.

Our ego is programmed to resist. Resistance comes when the soul impulses the personality to awaken. Our ego selves have developed to keep us safe in an unpredictable world. (The term ego actually applies to a whole family of selves, it is not one fixed thing. When I use the term ego I am referring to a family of selves). As we grow up we learn there are dangers and our ego becomes our automatic protection system. Often it goes too far in this role. The ego seeks to protect us and does not understand the impulse to awakening. Its job is to protect us from threats such as falling flat on our face, disappointment, humiliation, going broke, madness and more. It sees life as a series of threats to be deal with and like white cells that attack any invading bacteria or virus our ego will defend us from the light. The ego does not understand the evolutionary process involved. The ego does not understand nor trust the power and brilliance of our Higher Self. Resistance is like the brake pedal in a car. It has a certain function and a certain usefulness. The problem comes when we have one foot on the accelerator and another on the brake pedal. There is no movement and at the same time there is a certain amount of strain on the vehicle that builds the longer the resistance is maintained.

Resistance comes in many forms. Busyness is perhaps the most common form of resistance we have in our modern world. There is always so much to do. There can seem a constant demand on our time and energy. Now work is not always contained within the 9 to 5.. At some level we are keeping this going to avoid the elephant in the room so to speak. Apathy is another common form. The feeling of being unmotivated. There seem so many obstacles to moving forward and it takes too much energy so better to do nothing. Confusion is another. We live in an age of information overload. Too much information leading to too many possibilities. Powerlessness is another. Perhaps we feel embedded is different systems of control. We have no say in how those systems operate. We seek change but do not feel we have the power to make those changes happen. This can often lead to fantasy which is an escape from reality. Addiction to computer games is a big form of resistance these days. Drama and conflict are other common forms of resistance can manifest. All forms of resistance, even thought they seem to be coming from the outside such as someone generating a drama in our reality, are reflections of us resisting our path. Please remember that the world is our mirror. Life is constantly giving us feedback. In my life conflict has been one of the forms resistance has shown up at those moments where I could choose a different way. Conflict is of course painful but at least it is familiar which is why we may choose it over our soul’s highest destiny. Self-sabotage is another form of resistance. Tripping ourselves up in different ways. Sometimes literally doing so and creating accidents. Again the program goes, better the devil you know. We often resist the unfamiliar even if the familiar does not feel that great.

Resistance is a form of control and with control there is usually a lack of trust. In this case we are talking about a lack of trust in spirit or a higher intelligence at work in our lives. This is a case of the head seeking to control the heart. The head has a useful function but it is not in charge of our awakening. When we run our lives from logic or planning then we will shy away from the awakening process. Over thinking and over rationalising are classic forms of resistance. The heart is more the director of our awakening since the heart is more in touch with our higher nature. When the head is in charge there is control, and with control there is also a certain amount of doubt and fear.

Do not use your family as an excuse. I know this can be very challenging since when I first got the call to awakening in the early ’90’s I was married with two young children. This choice broke my heart. My now ex-wife was strongly against my spiritual interests and at a certain point it was clear that I had to choose between the two. I chose the spiritual journey and this evoked such feelings of guilt that felt so painful. I learnt to breath through the waves of guilt that lasted for some 18 months or so. Now I am further along the journey and I am so glad I chose the path. I have a great relationship with my son and daughter and also with my two granddaughters. Taking the journey helped to develop and awaken so much within me which I can now offer others including my children and granddaughters. My journey has encouraged others to step outside their comfort zones. I am now a fierce advocate of my children and their children. I encourage my granddaughters to trust themselves and the higher intelligence in the Universe. I can only do this having chosen the journey. If I had refused what could I offer them? I would probably be another adult around them telling them to stay safe and not do anything too weird like follow their heart and heartfelt dreams!

Do not use money as an excuse. I have met many wealthy people that felt they did not have enough money or resources in life. I met one wealthy banker some years ago who told me if only he earned another £100K a year he would be able to do want he wanted to do. I told him what he lacked was not enough money but enough clarity and courage. When I left the world of 3D work behind in ’97 I resigned with no savings and a property in negative equity. This was challenging but I knew I could not use money as an excuse not to take the journey. Money is meant to be the fuel for the journey. Sometimes we have to learn to simplify our lives especially where we are just carrying too much weight. Twice in my life I have given almost all of my possessions away and had to start from scratch.

Do not use a lack of qualifications as an excuse. This is something I can very much relate to. For years I believed that I had somehow missed the boat because of my lack of academic qualifications. It is quite common that someone will refuse the journey because they do not feel qualified enough. When it comes to being qualified I have found that academic qualifications rarely prepare a Starseed for the journey of awakening and what awaits on the other side of this process. Sometimes what is underneath this form of resistance is not feeling ready for the journey. Perhaps there is a real need to go through a time of training or acquiring experience or resources. This is all well and good. Please be aware that taking another Masters Degree can be a form of resistance. I have met many clients who use this as a form of delaying stepping onto the path. There are few degrees these days that can prepare a Starseed for the journey they must take.

The resistance of (over) doing. This is a strange one since on the surface it looks like we are not in resistance. There are those that do dangerous stuff such as high risk adventure sports. There are those that love driving fast cars. Others may love exploring far away places and doing out there things. These activities are resistance when they are done as a way of escaping from something more real. When someone is locked in lots of doing then they may be resisting simply being. Many are terrified of intimacy for example and would rather climb a mountain than share an intimate moment with another. Taking action in the world is a wonderful way to know our selves. We learn how to navigate challenges and move meaningfully into experiences that help us feel joyful and alive. Excessive doing can be an escape from exploring your inner life. Looking within helps us know how we truly feel, what we truly value and helps us connect with the impulses of the soul. .

The resistance of (over) being. Equally, meditation and other explorations of being can also be used as a form of resistance. There are times in my life where I felt the call to meditate for hours each day. This was a powerful time where I explored many layers of my being. But there can a time when I knew I had to engage more meaningfully with the outside world. It was time to get a job and earn some money. If I had refused the impulse and continued meditating for hours each day I would have been in resistance. There are many who chant, pray, meditate who are resisting the call of the soul. This does not mean that the inner work ends. It means that there is a dynamic balance between being and doing.

Focusing on the dream of another can be resistance. Of course this is not always the case since there are projects initiated by others that offer new possibilities, new experiences, new skills, new connections. We may join a project and then resist moving on and doing something more in alignment with our own soul calling. Resistance us when it feels easier to put time and energy into a project rather than working on your own project. I worked for many years in a non-for-profit organisation which did amazing work. I was so inspired by this organisation even before I went and worked there. Many of the skills in internet marketing and copy-writing and audio editing I learnt there. I loved the organisation and many of the people I met there became dear life friends. On the other hand I was feeling that I had stopped growing, The spiritual message I was hearing from different authors I had heard many times before in different ways. Something was calling me but I did not know what it was. Deep down I knew it was time to leave and on reflection I probably overstayed my welcome by a few years. There were signs which I chose to ignore. So, be mindful if you are resisting do your own work by helping to build the dream of another no matter how worthy.


Resistance and Beyond.

If you listen to the whispers you do not need to hear the shouts. This is a saying in metaphysical circles meaning the more we tune into our inner wisdom the more we are able to hear the whispers guiding us on our life path. If we continue to ignore the whispers then we will hear the shouts meaning the universe will give us a helping hand to move on. This helping hand may feel unwelcome but at a deeper level our soul has initiated change. In my story about working in the not for profit organisation and overstaying my time there I was ignoring the signs. I was ignoring my feelings. Our Higher Self and guides are always speaking with us through all kinds of channels. Perhaps a conversation that touches you, perhaps a message contained within a film. If we are in resistance we will miss the messages. If we doubt the light we will always doubt the signs on the path. For me I had a coaching session where the coach (who became a good friend) told me some years later that he asked me what was truly in my heart. I replied something like making writing and being an author the centre of my life and work. He asked me what it would take to make that happen. Now I completely forgot this conversation but was reminded some years later. My reply was apparently that I would need to leave the organisation. Even after being reminded I had no recollection of ever saying it! It was a sure sign of resistance that completely forgot the conversation.

There are many different methods to deal with resistance. The Dalai Lama once said, “Know your enemy. Your enemy is a good teacher.” When we handle our resistance we are in a sense growing up. We are upgrading our ego selves. There are many ways to do this. I have my own method (within the Soul Matrix Healing System) which is one system amongst many. I have found that awareness is better than ignorance. When we know our resistance patterns we are more able to handle them. Generally, as a rule I have also found that acceptance and surrender work better than control and hanging on ever tighter to what we know. When we accept our mission, and surrender to the journey then life opens up in so many unexpected and miraculous ways. I have found the motto ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ to be very helpful in my life. We are often most afraid of where we need to go and the step we need to take. Of course this does not mean stepping into the road without looking! When dealing with resistance it is important to gain a distinction between fear and intuition. This was a lesson I learnt in my late thirties. I was dating someone and felt that we should just be friends. When I told her she replied, “How do you know that isn’t your fear talking? I could not answer at the time and so I went away and really examined the difference between fear and intuition. How did I know the difference? Well I worked out my answer after a few weeks and then ended the romantic relationship. (The good news of this story is that we remained have remained very good friends up until now). Everyone has a different answer to this question. I am assuming that for most people there will be a different feeling between the two. Please take the time to reflect on how you would answer this question . What is the different between fear and your intuition speaking?

Examine and update your limiting stories. It is natural for us to attempt to make sense of our world. We try to see patterns in our reality. We start doing this from a young age. If we touch an open flame as a child we learn that the dancing orange thing that looks so fascinating should not be touched. We learn many other patterns. These patterns form our assumptions and beliefs about the world. These assumptions and beliefs form our stories about ourselves and the nature of reality. All of our stories are limiting in some way. Some of these limiting stories are subtle and some less so. Stories can include ideas like: “Life never works out”, “I do not have what it takes to….”, “I will never be successful in…”, “Money flows through my hands like water”, “The system is against me”, “Corporations are evil”, “The world is unsafe”, “I will never find love” and so on. With awareness comes change. Often these stories contain a great deal of emotion and lots of evidence that tell us these stories are true. These stories do not reflect the truth about reality or you, rather they reflect the way you have been putting your reality together. To reverse limiting stories start looking for evidence in your reality of the opposite. So for example if you have the story that the world is a place of suffering start actively noticing the joy around you. At first you might not be able to see joy in the world since our limiting stories place a filter over the data coming in through the senses. With perseverance you will start to notice that people do smile, they laugh and some really know how to have fun. The same is true for any story. If you look deeply in the world you will see that your limiting stories are all made up. This realisation is very liberating.

Working metaphorically with resistance. Resistance can often feel like an external blocking force or something opposing us in some way. Metaphorically it may feel like walking through glue, facing a wide chasm, encountering a great void, being blocked by a huge mountain or feeling locked in a cell. Our unconscious mind can communicate to us metaphorically how it feels. We can work with resistance in the same way. In many workshops over the years I have helped people break through walls, leap across impossible chasms, climb mountains, dissolve darkness, escape from prison cells. Our imagination is an amazing gift that can be hijacked by our fear. We can learn to take back our sovereignty over this amazing gift and use it to bust through our resistance. Some people call this mental rehearsal. If you can imagine it you can do it. Learn to become very imaginative when it comes to dealing with resistance. For example, imagine there is a metaphorical wall blocking you from moving forward in some way. Come up with several great imaginative ideas for breaking through the wall or going over or under. Give yourself permission to be outrageously imaginative. For instance how would it feel to drive a tank through the wall? How would it feel to fly over it on a broomstick? Food for imaginative thought!

Pushing creates resistance. Pushing is a sign of not being in the flow of life. Pushing creates resistance and opposition. Acceptance and surrender help us soften and re-enter the flow. We do not allow synchronicity and miracles to occur when we are pushing. If we are pushing others may feel they are being pushed out of the way. Pushing does not really allow for win/win situations. If you are pushing to get somewhere or attain something then it might not be in your highest interests to get there or obtain that desired thing or experience. Trust that the Universe will bring you your highest good and avoid pushing which is a sign that you do not trust anything will happen unless you make it happen. Remember you create your reality and a belief that nothing will happen unless we make it happen will create its own results.

Conscious action is liberating. On the other end of the spectrum from pushing comes not taking any meaningful action. There is a saying in some magical circles that says, “Where there is fear there is also power.” Fear is an energy that when faced, understood and embraced can turn into excitement. I learnt this lesson many years ago when I took my son (who was 14 at the time) rock climbing and abseiling in the Lake District in North England. Our instructor took us on a climb and then tied a rope around a large rock and said we were going to abseil down. I looked down and it was 2-300 foot drop to rocks below. I had never abseiled before and nor had my son. He took a look and said, “I’m not doing that”. Needless to say, we both did it and we both felt it was one of the most invigorating experiences of our lives. As many who engage in such activities know, there is a thin line between fear and exhilaration. Often we generate resistance by thinking too much. If we think about starting a business but never take any step to make it happen we are feeding our doubts and fears. It is important to be mindful and where necessary cautious when taking a big step but too much caution will erode our courage and confidence. Life is meant to be a learning experience. Growth is one of the prime reasons why we are here. As Martin Luther King Jr famously said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Do not act like some shrinking violet. Take the step and allow the whole staircase to unfold before you.

Resistance is part of the awakening process. When we embrace and change our limiting stories we may find much resistance drops away. Yet resistance can be like an onion, it comes in many layers. We are multidimensional beings and much is being released in this lifetimes. So when resistance comes up simply notice it and breath. Embrace your resistance rather than berate yourself. Resistance is there to slow down the process. Sometimes it helps us from rushing into something too fast. You will know in the core of your being when you are resisting your true path. You will know when the time is right to make the decision to do something different. Own your fear and all forms of resistance so that it doesn’t own you! Trust your inner wisdom and the higher intelligence at work in your life to show you the next step. Quit planning and start dreaming. Embrace your courage. Courage is not an absence of fear. Many people do courageous things while feeling afraid. Beyond developing courage there are many things you can do to prepare you for you journey or help keep you motivated once you step on it.

In the ascension process there are always challenges. It is important to simply trust you have the strength and resources to find your way. Once you accept the journey do not expect challenges to end. They will not! Do not even expect resistance to end. There will be times when we feel alone, unsure and afraid. This does not have to stop us once we know how to work with resistance. Feel the fear and do it anyway is not just a motto it is the title of an amazing book by American author Susan Jeffers. I met her before giving a talk on her book some 15 years ago. It surprised me at the time that she seemed nervous before going out to speak on stage. Now I realise that she was just being professional. Now I know the value of being scared. Actually if we are not feeling scared I would say we are probably not living on purpose!

The good news is there’s an abundance of inspiration and support on the path. We live in a world where there is no shortage of inspirational books, websites, speakers, workshops and training courses. Once on the path it is important to find people who inspire you and support you on the journey. (I have set up my website and YouTube channel to do just that. I am one amongst many offering such support). It is important to know you are not alone. There are many beings helping you right now even if you cannot see or feel them. The journey does not end with the first courageous step. There will be others. Each choice you make for the light helps to strengthen the light within you. You have chosen this journey. You have a mission. Remember you can always ask your Higher Self and Guides for help. Please know you have the resources within you to complete it. You are a map-maker, a pioneer in consciousness on this grand adventure of creating a new world. Do not fight your resistance, rather understand it and embrace it. Your resistance points the way. Your higher destiny is calling. The path is there waiting for you to create it. The bigger the step, the more powerful the intended journey the bigger the resistance. But know this, your resistance is temporary and beyond all of your resistance waits your true brilliance and gifts.

Blessings, Steve Nobel



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  1. This is very helpful. I have been feeling stuck. I had a dream of being stuck in an old hospital where the phone would not work and lights did not turn on.

  2. Thank you for this I am grateful. Much needed and I am experiencing so much resistance and have more understanding and acceptance to the reasons/exuses I have made,used and use! My dream earlier (for I have felt uncontrollably tired and slept most the day) I woke with intense fear and panic, both my parents don’t speak to me in real life. In my dream id rang both sobbing and begging I could go to them with my children and each refused. I can’t explain the impact this dream has for its happened before many times in my dreams. 2 hours it has taken for my awakened self to come through the fear and scared feelings inside. I read this information within them 2 hours and believe that was a sign for myself

  3. I was guided by my master many years ago to work directly on releasing my 3D beliefs and do not rely only on meditation which is quite limited in this respect, and I can’t thank him enough for that…

  4. Thanks so much for this explanation and exploration of resistance. It’s just what I needed to hear about at this time.

  5. Thanks for another great post, I needed this site to help me understand my sensitiveness to low energies. I have so many problems with energies that it sometimes feels too much. I feel the attacks of lower astral energies 24 hours a day, I feel the pain even more as the weeks go by, I have things around my spirit which interferes with my psychic gifts (there’s something metallic covering my head and nails and screws are drilled into it, there’s furniture screwed into my chest and back, tape around my neck with string attached to it so they can pull me around; my entire body is covered with this junk. Last night in a dream I felt it and tried removing some, I can’t see it because it’s invisible to me, but when I removed the tape and unscrewed some screws from my back they woke me up before I could continue, they always wake me up when I become lucid/conscious due to my sensitiveness. I have only had maybe 3-5 nights on goodnight sleeps since January.) I am always in pain, sometimes I have visions of the attacks, see blood pouring from dozens of wounds, they especially like to cut my genitals of, pull my teeth out, set me on fire, cut my head of, run me over, attack me with knives, bats, guns etc, etc.I can feel these low energy beings all the time, feel there negative emotions, feel my own negative emotions surfacing due to there influences. I can literally feel my own vibrations go low and high, I can feel my energy and chakra’s. More positively though, I can sense, feel and sometimes see peoples aura’s, egos/shadows/negative emotions and thoughts; I hear spirits within my field and have visions of them and receive information about them. Even people too, I see dead pets, hear guides speaking to me sometimes, see fairies, power animals. I could do with some advice on my sensitiveness please.


    1. It really sounds like you need to look into ways of protecting yourself. Read a book on the subject or do a workshop etc.

    2. Hi Gareth,

      I have experienced similar things to you. I now believe it is due to a weakened energy field, caused primarily by being hyper sensitive and being exposed to intense EMF energies. The EMF energy actually weakens the immune system and breaks down the blood brain barrier, allowing pathogens to get into the brain which carry nightmare hallucinations. We need to take this problem from the astral, and bring it into the physical, where it can be solved. I am learning about how to protect myself from EMF’s now, and you would be wise to do the same, because a weakened energy field makes us susceptible to all of this. The good news is that you have a chance to make great contributions to the world once you do build up your auric protection again, as sensitive people suffer the most, but can contribute the most as well. If you can get into a natural place like an awake intentional community, away from EMF pollution for a week or month, see what happens.

  6. Dear Steve, Thank you for being you

    Do you also have something special for 7 year olds?? My son is a starseed too and i myself try to guide him as good as possible.

    Blessed be Nancy

  7. Thank you Steve Nobel for your encouraging remarks. If official science were the honest study of reality, you would probably deserve a Nobel Prize!
    I think there is much facile talk regarding starseeds. I want to think I am something like a starseed sent on a mission to help planet Earth Ascend, but I am skeptical, and the truth is I don’t remember anything about my being prior to this incarnation. Well, maybe I have an inkling of something, but that’s it. I sure resonate deeply with what you say here, but I do not wish to engage in wishful thinking.
    Perhaps the concept of “starseed” is too loosely used and might be inappropriate. What if one was never in another star system properly speaking in any previous incarnation, yet one is sent here on a mission to help bring about an Ascension like a Boddhisattva?
    I think it is self-evident that biological senescence is ugly and should not happen in a heavenly, “Ascended” world. In fact, my very flesh-and-bone human body is ugly because it relies on the living substance of slaughtered animals for food, and it defecates. It is subject to diseases. It is very fragile before the elements. It cannot levitate and traverse walls. My destiny should be to become a being of light for which expanded paranormal powers are natural, and which does away with death and reproduction. But the disheartening realities of everyday life, of seeing my poor mom with Type-2 diabetes wilt away next to me, of feeling trapped by my role as the care-giving son and by endless more or less silly fears of traveling and taking risks, of having to stay on top of taxes and money which seem to in the end get the better of me energy-wise and break my spirit, that can be crushing. If I have a wondrous true power I can wake up to, that waking up process is certainly not easy.
    For that reason, thanks for your words.

  8. is turning away negative people a form of resistance? to me, I feel yes as in order to grow into your true self you need to accept all of your self and all of the others negative or not. I think staying in positivity all the time is resistance because you are ignoring your needs

    1. This a a paradox since on the one hand we do not have to accept disrespectful behavior from others and on the other the negativity in others reflect something in ourselves that is unhealed. If negativity means anger then we may have unresolved anger issues. If negativity means critical then we may have an inner critic that needs upgrading. And so on.

  9. Thank you, I have felt this for so long, have been called crazy for my beliefs, it has been confusing, I am so happy that someone finally understands and I have so much more to learn

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