Listen to this interview with Emma Hart on Invoking the Muse: Living Your Own Authentic Mythic Story. The is a big problem in living a limiting story. Often it involves conformity, hiding our true gifts and just fitting in. If you have ever tried living this way you know how much pain and struggle it can generate. It is important to note that our lives are not a CV of our doings! We are not here just to fit in and play the game. This podcast explores how gender impacts on our limiting stories which in turn informs our identity and the direction we take in life. It is important to note that in this time we have the opportunity to confront our limiting stories and re-align our script to the one most in tune with our soul calling.

Emma Hart has a background in journalism. She was a high-profile reporter in New Zealand presenting current affairs and entertainment programmes on national television. Emma went on to run her own business working with CEO’s, politicians and celebrities training them to work more effectively in media. She works in the corporate world helping leaders tell their authentic story. Emma works coaching individuals for Ted Talks. She also works to empower women through storytelling.

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