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Archangel Kristiel Transmission: Downloading 6D Divine Feminine Light-Codes.

Archangel Kristiel (often spelt as Christiel) is assisting humanity at this time in anchoring Feminine frequencies within the Christ grid. She is helping to restore the original template of peace and harmonious living on this ascending earth-plane.

The Divine Feminine Christ Light is returning to this dimension of the earth now to help end the darkness this planet has endured for thousands of years. This transmission will assist you in reconnecting with the 6D Divine Feminine template of harmony, peace, love and Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness. It will help to clear your pain body of lower frequencies, uplift all your earthly relationships and also help to increase the light within the planet itself.


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    1. Thanks for this truthful Transmission that I did this morning.
      When I closed my eyes I found my I Am Presence within the sacred space filled with the color mix of the Divine energy of Pink, Violet, Gold, White and Blue light, so refined moving in a slow wave motion. I enjoyed observing its slow motion movement.

      After a few minutes it changed to pure white Pearlescent light and I know I was in higher realm, higher than 5th Dimension.
      Then I saw light beings appearing individually through like a mirror.
      I was so amazed and I smiled at each of them as my greetings to them. The light was a bit luminous and with form by sudden change of tone color of soft orange like melon’s color.

      I received the higher frequency of light in 6D, made manifest by the presence of AA Kristiel, AA Metatron, AAMichael, Raphael,AA Uriel, AA Gabriel, AA Sandalphone and many more angel forces in the midst of more thick and more refined white light/energy moving in a slow wave motion.

      I saw them surrounding me and I greeted each of them with a warm loving smile and they smiled back in the midst of blue violet color.

      I am so grateful to you, my beloved Kristiel for this transmission
      and I hope from now on I will be seeing luminous light that is very beautiful to observe as it is crystal clear and in crystalline form.
      I thanked so much all of the Archangels and anges for their presence, for their guiding support and for their tremendous love.

      I enjoyed communing with them energetically and telepathically.
      I will repeat this as I love to see luminous light/energy in crystalline form.

      I wish to share this for the highest good.
      Namaste and God bless you all.

  1. Most grateful for , finally , having been able to open this transmission on Christmas Eve day, after the solar Solstice, thus bringing the 6d energy frequency to Mother Earth and contributing to help our beloved planet. Thank you Steve.
    Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth!

  2. it was amazing…thank you for giving me the chance to transmit the light and heal within through…

  3. Aaah so beautiful, thank u Steve!
    Sending u lots of love , blessings, harmony and Joy! Mmh
    I Appreciate everything u do!

    1. Just feeling gratitude for all that you do for us ✨ I Thank you for your beautiful transmissions ☀️

  4. Namaste Steve, it was a wonderful experience. Love and blessings to you, to the earth and all being.

  5. I AM so Grateful Steve for all you are giving us. This transmission was wonderful and exspansive. I feel so connected and a part of the bigger “world”.
    You are an Angel and definitly doing your Divine Plan to help us all in these transiting times of this Earth cycle.
    Many Blessings with Violet Flame Love and JOY, Kathryn

    1. Hi Connie, was it the Starseed Revolution webinar which was my most recent? You should have received the recordings. Please check your spam folder. Sx

  6. This was my first time taking part in your transmission. I feel so at peace and grateful. Thank you ever so much with light and love., for your gift to all.

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