This workshop is for Starseeds because they are the ones who will assist the planet to awaken to a new level of consciousness. We are in important time frame on the planet, a time of a great awakening of consciousness. This means a new paradigm is coming which is why there is such volatility on the earth. 2019 is a year where much darkness will leave the planet allowing for a greater immersion of light and unity-consciousness. 2019 heralds a time of possibility where we are all aligning with a new way of living on the earth. Whereas 2016-2018 were difficult years for many, 2019 is a year of opportunity and possibility for many Starseeds. Now is the time to shake off the old shadows and to align with the new energies and possibilities of this year.

The only thing that stands in your Soul Mission is resistance. It is common for Starseeds to resist their Soul Mission. A rule of thumb here is the bigger the step that needs to be taken the bigger the resistance can show up. Common forms of resistance are confusion, self-doubt and fear. There are of course many others, The good news is all resistance can be cleared and the liberated energy can then be channelled towards a higher path. You are not here to play small. You are here to align and activate your Soul Mission. You know whether you are on track or not by how alive, energised and inspired you feel.

This workshop is an opportunity to go beyond your resistance to your Soul’s Path which means you begin to activate much more of your unknown inner potential. There will be attunements, exercises, processes and a transmission to help you align with the new energies, opportunities and possibilities of 2019. You have probably felt a calling to something more. This day is an opportunity to clear the decks and ignite that something more.

The day starts 10am and completes at 6pm. The venue is The Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London W2. Tickets are £77.


Steve Ahnael Nobel is an author, book mentor, spiritual coach, and healer. He is the creator of Soul Matrix Healing which is a blend of down to earth coaching techniques and energy tools for clearing karmic ‘blocks’. Steve was a director of Alternatives between 2000-2012. Visit and 

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