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Ascension News: Should We Avoid Certain Spiritual Ideas and Practices?

Many in the New Age community were shocked by Doreen Virtue’s sudden conversion to evangelical Christianity and her subsequent denouncing of the New Age. Do check her website for a blog post entitled: An A-Z List of New Age Practices to Avoid, and Why.

I listened to a video of her speaking about her conversion and she seemed genuinely convinced that she made the right decision. This is of course her personal choice. However, she published a post on her website denouncing a number of ideas and practices about the New Age which I thought deserved some comment. Especially, since so many have raised this issue and commented on her decision on social media.

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  1. Dear Steve,

    You could never be more than spot on, sad, it seems she may have been got at( so much for all those angels she has worked with). Thanks for this.


  2. Dear Steve,
    I found your take on all of this so cleansing to listen to.
    I was never drawn to her work and always felt a lack of authenticity to what she so successfully marketed.
    It makes me sad that so many sincere seekers of healing and truth could have been misled by her and some will continue follow her in this new direction.

  3. Jesus was not a Christian and Buddha was not Buddhist! Spot on. Great video. I won’t bash Doreen. Whatever brought her to that place is a part of her journey. Whatever she needs to learn, understanding or do will be shaped by this chapter of her life. She may be able to come out on the otherwise of this with higher knowing never attainedhad she remained where she was. I lift her up into the light. May she expand and be blessed.

    My two cents. Religion is man made dogma, be it woven with inspired spiritual insight. Thus where divine spirituality written or spoken is a liberating life force. This can be found in religious books (living word of God) or heard by authentic God serving spiritually led people following a religious path or not. It can also be found within oneself. Often religion can be an imprisoning worldly system leading one generation after another to believe what’s taught without questioning. This can create fear of venturing out to increase one’s awareness.

    Spiritual practices can also lead a persons down a dark path. One must discern the source of their belief be it spiritual or religious. Source can be dark spirits or spirits of light within and around a person.

    The greatest spiritual man who ever walked the earth from my research and discernment, Jesus once said “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” Truth is healing, freeing, expanding, creating, loving, uniting. Jesus words as taught by religious people is sadly often twisted, guilt causing, fear based to direct conforming behavior.

    In spite of the lies and deception people are awakening and ascending to higher realities seeing beyond 3rd demention.

    Thanks for your insight and work Steve.
    Be Blessed, Be Well.

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