Listen to this activation meditation with Kara Goss.

This transmission works with the Elohim to activate heaven and earth frequencies. First, working with the Elohim of the diamond rainbow frequency to build, and activate the 5th dimensional bodies. Next, the Elohim of the pink, violet, and gold assist with removing any emotional blockages. Finally, The Elohim of the green, blue, and gold remove any mental patterning that may be blocking you. It is important to note that these rays are different from the rainbow frequencies that many know when the 5th dimensional chakras begin to activate.

Kara Goss is a Multidimensional Healer, Awakener, and Ascension Facilitator. Kara’s mission is to provide individuals with acquired inner guidance and assist them in facilitating their awakening and ascension process. She offers support; empowering others to step into their highest level of unconditional love so that they may learn to connect with their own spirit, soul, and essence and teams of light so they can align with their highest divine soul mission in this lifetime.
In April of 2014, Kara experienced an overnight awakening. She literally went to bed as one person and awoke to an entirely different life that was surrounded by the many levels of the spiritual dimensions. After the initial shock, Kara set to work, fully trusting in her inner guidance system and her deep connection to the angelic realms. She later joined her various star systems who have taught her everything she has learned over the years.


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