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Higher Light Decree: Neutralising Anxiety and Fear. Invoking Courage and Power.

I call upon my I Am Presence, my Higher Self in the 6th Dimension and my team in spirit of the highest light and resonance to witness, support and activate this decree. Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. I call upon Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, my Higher Self, I Am Presence and my highest team of light in spirit to clear and cleanse all energetic pathways and energy centres in my being and my reality. Connect me only to positively orientated beings, groups and collective energies that can assist me in activating this decree. Disentangle me from any non-positively orientated beings, groups and collective energies that seek to interfere or inhibit my light, my courage and my power. Break resonance with all unhelpful energies and beings.


Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. Clear and dissolve all limiting stories, beliefs, thoughts, perspectives from this lifetime that in any way generate anxiety or fear in my being. Clear all conditioning and programming from this current lifetime. Clear all imprints from the education system that generate anxiety or fear. Clear any imprints of helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness, victimhood, martyrhood, all anxiety or fear that originate from my peers and any authority figure, including my parents. Clear any stories or beliefs that generate helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness, victimhood, martyrhood, anxiety or fear.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. Clear and dissolve all helplessness, hopelessness, powerlessness, victimhood, martyrhood programming, anxiety or fear from the collective consciousness in this lifetime and all energies that vibrate below faith, love, inner power and courage. Clear all energies from every layer of my being that seek to inhibit or interfere with my power and sovereignty and the expression of my highest truth in this lifetime.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. Clear any anxiety or fear about expressing my true self. Banish and neutralise any anxiety or fear around seeming too different, too weird or too eccentric compared to those living a conventional 3D life. Clear any worry or fear around being too far out there, too much ahead of my time. Release all societal programming, religious programming, political programming, family/genetic programming interfering in how I live my life and express my truth.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. Grant me the power to harness my imagination and all my inner senses so that I am more able to tune into ideas and concepts that generate curiosity, creativity, inspiration, joy, wonder and delight in the magical power within me and within the universe.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. Clear all resisting aspects within my ego/personality subconscious/unconscious minds that are critical, anxious, judgemental or fearful about any aspect of my life, perhaps following a spiritual path, following a creative path, following my unique path, how I express my essential being or any other aspect.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. Connect me with all helpful beings and forces in the Universal consciousness field who are willing and able to increase my peace, clarity, power and courage in any of its relevant myriad forms. Forces that help me step beyond my comfort zones. To take powerful action as necessary. To know that with each step I take I increase my power to meaningfully shift my life.

Grant me the feeling and knowledge that is 100% OK and necessary to step forward confidently and courageously. The knowledge and wisdom that I am open to receive help, guidance, power, love and support from many quarters, both in this material world and from the unseen worlds of spirit. That I am able to draw strength and power from Source Energy. So that I can amplify the feeling and knowledge that my life has meaning and purpose, that my life is a bold magical adventure in consciousness.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. Witness this decree of intent. That I am a multidimensional being of great strength and resourcefulness. I have chosen the baseline circumstances of my life to grow. There have been challenges. There have been lessons. Above all I have endured. I am learning to neutralise fear, to move beyond all anxiety, all worry. I am now ready and willing to explore all the possibilities that dwell beyond fear and doubt. These possibilities are limitless, just as I am limitless. I am activating many resources that exist beyond worry, doubt and fear. I am unstoppable. I am courageous. I am capable, I am willing, I am strong. I have the will and the discipline to do and achieve anything my heart directs me. I intent the highest outcome in every situation. I am solutions focused. I only focus on what uplifts my spirit. I am 100% aware that there is a higher power that acts through me. I am surrounded by forces that love and protect me. I act with courage, determination and inner strength. Divine order in my life is established and maintained.

Dear team in Spirit of the highest light and resonance. Expand my ability to generate and store light and power in my solar plexus chakra. Allow this centre of light to grow into a mini sun. Allow the rays of this sun to radiate throughout my field and out into my reality. Banishing all lower frequencies. Touching and uplifting everyone I meet who are open to embrace this light.

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  1. Thank you Steve! My whole being lit up at this decree. It’s definitely time to awakening to this level of living!

  2. Thank you so much Steve for everything you do for us and for sharing your wonderful knowledge. Love, gratitude and blessings.

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