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Emotional Healing Meditation: Allowing a Greater Sense of Light/Flow.

This remastered meditation (originally uploaded May 2019) is designed to help you break up negative patterning and release old stuck energies.

This meditation allows you to explore and shift the energy patterns within you allowing for healing and a greater sense of light, fluidity and peace to return.

Emotions are Meant to Flow like Water….

When they do not flow, they stagnate and can even become toxic energy. The following tips may help in dealing with ‘difficult’ emotions:

Accept Your Feelings….

Mostly we are taught to ignore our feelings, judge them or push them away. This actually helps to lock the emotional energy in your body and emotional energy field. There are no good or bad emotions. Emotions are energy that flow through you. You are not your emotions.

Practice Self-Love…

Emotions can be locked into place by programming of self-hatred which can be learnt in childhood where the family is not very loving or supportive. We may learn to feel guilty for just being alive. This is just a family/ancestral story you have inherited. This is not who you truly are.


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  1. Thanks so much for creating amazing meditations like this one. Very helpful to clear stuck energies from others or past lives.
    Feeling lighter and more energised to be able to help others

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