This is a training meditation to help you awaken your inner senses.

Just as you have outer senses you also have inner senses. We could call these inner senses a doorway to your inner worlds. We use the inner senses in meditation and in dreaming. Consciously awakening the inner senses allow you to become more aware of what is happening within your psyche. Your inner senses allow you to sense energy in your environment. Your inner senses are connected to your intuition, your internal guidance system. Your inner senses connect the conscious mind with the many levels of the unconscious mind. The strength of this relationship also determines the strength of your relationship with your Higher Self that uses your inner senses to communicate with you. This meditation is on three levels. It builds inner awareness. It strengthens your ability to focus your imagination. It allows you to receive various communications from your unconscious mind and in turn allows you to communicate back.


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