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Ascension News: Upgrading the Ego from 3D to 4D to 5D.

This is an extract from a longer interview. The interviewer is Chris Alyssia from Awake TV.

The ascension process is not about neutralising the ego it is about upgrading it. Upgrading the ego is about shifting our identity into a larger perspective, where all resistance to embracing our authentic or Higher Self is dropped. In 3D the ego is both guidance and protection system. In 3D there is a broad spectrum where at one end there is a fully functioning ego and at the other all the various dysfunctions that can occur. To shift into 4D we need a functional ego. In 4D we are learning a more fluid and flexible approach to life. There is a greater appreciation that this is only one life amongst many. That we contain many energies including both masculine and feminine. In 4D we are learning that we create and co-create our reality. In 5D there is a shift into unity consciousness. In 5D stabilising in a higher vibration where all limits to joy, to freedom, to growth, to love are removed. In 5D we discover there are no limits to flow and possibility.



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  1. WONDERFUL! I have been saying this very Truth for many years, though in different terms and without the details of 3D, 4D and 5D, and suggesting people shift their perspective from needing to control or kill the Ego….and I cringe just typing those words… to coming from gratitude for a job “well done” and working with it to align it to its divine origins, and as I put it, give it a new “job”
    Thank you!

  2. Steve, do you have a link to the complete interview? I’m not finding it through the link provided. Thank you!

  3. That was GREAT!! I laughed. I think even my ego was laughing. 🙂 Thank you Steve; it was so very much appreciated.

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