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Affirmationen: Ich bin ultra-violettes Engelsfeuer.

I invoke the power of Ultra-Violet Angelic Fire. I am one with this fire.Ich rufe die Kraft des ultra-violetten Engelsfeuers.Ich bin eins mit diesem Feuer.

I am the power of Ultra-Violet Light.Ich bin die Kraft des ultra-violetten Lichts.I invoke the cleansing and liberating power of this light.Ich rufe die reinigende und befreiende Kraft dieses Lichts an.

I am a force of Liberation in this world. Ich bin eine Kraft der Befreiung in dieser Welt.

I call on Ultra-Violet fire to liberate my reality, ultra-violet fire to liberate all beings who are calling for freedom in this world. Ich rufe das ultra-violette Feuer, um meine Realität zu befreien, ultra-violettes Feuer, um alle Wesen zu befreien, die in dieser Welt Freiheit erbitten.

The source of this cleansing power is the angels of Ultra-Violet Fire. Die Quelle dieser Reinigungskraft sind die Engel des ultra-violetten Feuers.

These angels are here at my invitation and by the invitation of my HS, my Infinite-Multidimensional Self. Diese Engel sind hier auf meine Einladung hin, und auf Einladung meines Höheren Selbst, meines unendlichen Multidimensionalen Selbst…


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Steve Nobel

Steve Nobel

I am the author of 6 non-fiction books, the most recent being a free Ebook entitled ‘Starseeds’ and my latest published book is 'The Spiritual Entrepreneur'. I was a director of a not for profit spiritual organisation called Alternatives (based in St. James’s Church, Piccadilly, London W1) for 13 years, leaving on the Winter Solstice of 2012. Subsequently, I began my own healing and awakening work. I created a healing system called Soul Matrix Healing for Starseeds. I have created a library of free resources including meditations and transmission to help Starseeds. These are are freely available on this website and on my YouTube channel. These meditations and transmissions are played all over the world and so far, the platform has over 140K subscribers. I regularly runs events in the UK.

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