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Starseed Gender Fluid Meditation.

Many Starseeds are incarnating with the impulse to expand rigid 3D stereotypical forms of expression. The point of this meditation is not to change the mode of gender/sexual expression, but to allow more freedom and fluidity within that expression. In this plane of existence, we experience the polarities of feminine and masculine, yin and yang. How these primal archetypal energies connect and relate with each other determines our range of sexual desire/expression or disinterest/lack thereof. This meditation is for Starseeds who wish to understand how their gender/sexual expression works at an energy level. It is designed to release guilt/shame and religious programming. Also, it is designed to expand a sense of freedom, fun, play and creativity in gender/sexual expression.

Music by Laurentiu Florea. Manifest Love Binaural (16Hz Beta).


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  1. Need to do some research into the Edgar Cayce readings. He explained the underlying causes of this. Completely opposite of this meditation. People need to balance, in unity, the male and female parts of our souls.

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