In this light language track the guides perform psychic surgery to remove any implants and then a DNA activation of cellular light codes. There is a clearing of toxic implants from the ‘V’ and also in the womb area afterwards (although you may experience clearing in other areas also.) There is a powerful cell activation designed so that if you come in touch with people who have had the ‘V’ you will receive a clearing of any toxic material you may have picked up.

Suzanne Postings is a multi-dimensional healer and Light Language channel. She connects to higher beings to bring through transmissions of light to assist humanity. Suzanne has been working in the field for almost 20 years and has trained as a yoga teacher, Reiki Master and in Shamanic Soul Retrievals. She has undertaken lots of DNA activations to awaken her deep Soul’s gifts and it is her wish to assist you in doing the same”.


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