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Ascension News: The Spiritual Business.

“Welcome to this ascension news track on The Spiritual Business. Just to give a brief background on myself in relation to this subject. The first 10 years of my working life was spent in a 3D corporate structure. I did not learn very much about spiritual business there but I did learn about the way of conventional business. The next 10 years of my working life was spent in a 3D organisation that was quite chaotic and disorganised compared with previous organisation. My boss was a lovely woman but a terrible leader. This was my first lesson in leadership and how poor leadership can cascade down an organisation.

Between January 2000-December 2012 I was a director of a not-for-profit organisation based in St. James’s church, Piccadilly, Central London called Alternatives. This organisation began in 1982 and was set up to promote leading edge spiritual authors and teachers. Alternatives set up different kinds of events such as book launches, workshops and retreats. In that time, I helped organise around 2000 events and learnt a few things about how to run a spiritual business. One thing I learnt was that small is beautiful. There was only a few part time staff and a couple of full-time directors. I learnt that small could have a huge impact on the world. The leadership I encountered in the first organisation was remote and impersonal. The second personable and weak. The leadership I found in Alternatives was impressive, from those running the organisation to all the authors and teachers who came to speak there…..”


Since leaving Alternatives in 2012 I learnt more about running and marketing my own spiritual business, The Soul Matrix, which I created in 2016. I have worked with many clients I would call spiritual entrepreneurs. I have learnt from my mistakes, the diversions and dead ends I have travelled along as well as being in the flow. I have learnt through expanding my limits to joy, abundance, miracles and success. I believe I am now fully on track doing the work I came here to do. This ascension news offering contains a few thoughts and pointers on this important subject of spiritual business.

Spirituality is not one way or one path it is many. There is so much choice now and it does not matter what spiritual path you feel aligned with, so long as it works for you. To me spirituality is about connectivity and freedom on all levels, physical, emotional, and mental. I experience spiritual practice as an inner journey into the core of who I am beyond all the layers of conditioning I have picked up. For me spirituality is also about liberating our inner potential and gifts. One way we liberate our potential and gifts is through our work. There are different avenues of expressing work in the world and one of these is through self-employment and in starting our own business. This can feel an exciting and sometimes scary path, especially at the beginning.

In my experience creating and running a spiritual a business is a kind of modern-day hero’s journey. We are called to lean beyond the edge of our fear and face all the challenges that creating and running a business will bring. The good news about facing challenges is that each one comes offering us gifts. Each challenge has the potential to make us stronger, more flexible in our approach, and more resourceful in the future. For anyone on this path you would have discovered the importance of faith and courage. Faith means having the strength to follow a vision. Courage is the quality we call upon to help us develop enough velocity to escape our inner resistance to following our calling. I understand courage and faith as verbs rather than nouns. Courage and faith are not things they are processes. There are no tanks in our energy fields where we get filled up with faith and courage. Our intentions, our thoughts, our choices, and actions all increase or diminish our courage and faith in each moment.

“Courage is…a habit, a virtue: You get it by courageous acts. It’s like you learn to swim by swimming. You learn courage by couraging.” – From The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

On this journey expect resistance. Resistance is based in fear. When we feel we live in a magical and loving universe we do not come from fear. Resistance is generated from our limiting beliefs and stories around what we think about ourselves and our place in the world, what is possible in the reality we have created thus far, how much joy can we possibly expect, how much flow, abundance, success we expect, do we feel we deserve, and we are willing to experience.

One major pattern of resistance is scarcity or scare-city. This pattern says there is not enough, enough money, love, opportunity the list is endless. Business is a wonderful way to turn around our limiting beliefs about abundance and flow but first we must clear all old scarcity patterning because this will limit the infinite abundance that we can meet through our business.

Running a spiritual business is one way to get in touch with our authentic self. I often tell Starseeds that their weirdness is their brilliance meaning stop trying to be normal and mediocre, you are not normal, you were never meant to be normal no matter what people around you might have thought or said. Weird can be another word for expressing your true nature and your true gifts.

If we wish to dance with the angels, it is not necessary to sprout wings or sign on for harp lessons. We simply need to become ourselves – to express our uniqueness, realise our own potential, consciously create our own reality – and have fun doing so….” – From Living Magically by Gill Edwards, author.

The spiritual entrepreneur is not an expert, they do not need to have all the answers, there is just too much to know, you are always learning and growing. It is more knowing where to find the answers or knowing where to find those who know the answers. Learn through your mistakes. It is fine to make the small mistakes but it saves time to learn from the big mistakes of others.

Creativity is core to every spiritual business. The old model of business is mass market and sameness. This does not work so well for spiritual business’s that are by their very nature unique and different. Your business is meant to stand out from the crowd.

New way of thinking – As an entrepreneur you need to think big. The bigger your ability to think big the better. As an entrepreneur you are the visionary guiding the ship of your business through the uncharted sea of the world. It is important to stretch what you think is possible without being naïve about what you are doing. When I started The Soul Matrix, I had a vision to reach 100,000 Starseeds within 5 years. At the time this seemed a big vision. I reached that vision within 4 years and so my task now to expand that original vision.

There is a new work ethic, one that replaces the old puritan ethic which was about hard work, productivity, chasing money and possessions to attain happiness and success. The old work ethic said stay busy since the devil makes work for idle hands. This new work ethic completely reverses this way of thinking. Work is about passion and purpose. Work is done from our authentic self and not our conditioned self, meaning our work unfolds from the inside out. It is not about what the world demands from us but what our heart and soul want to offer the world. Creative fun and expression are key elements of this new ethic. We shake off outdated definitions of play as being wasteful and embrace more daydreaming and creative expression in our lives and in our work. We become a joyful player rather than a serious worker. A player is interested in knowing and doing what makes our heart sing and our toes dance. (This is of course a form of heresy to the old work ethic!) In this new ethic we literally step into a new universe, one that is more magical, one that has flow and synchronicity, one where we create our reality from the inside out. Within this new paradigm we are the creators of our destiny, we determine the rules we live by. These rules are informed by our core values, dreams, gifts, and natural talents.

Being a spiritual entrepreneur means having fun. Play is an essential element of the journey. Seriousness is seriously not recommended. Play increases creative self-expression and productivity. When we feel stressed and have our nose to the grindstone this is generally not very motivating. Laughing raises our vibration and is also good for our health. If anyone follows me on social media, you will know how much I love showing off my crazy sock collection. I have fun making videos of my latest socks. Any activity that raises our vibration is good for us and for our business. When someone checks out your website, they will get a feeling for how high vibe or low vibe your business is. You might be selling beautiful crystals or amazing healing sessions but if you are super stressed then this energy will come through your website and all your offerings.

Every successful entrepreneur knows the importance of synergy. We have a logical, analytical, strategic, planning masculine side and we have an intuitive, imaginative, sensual, visionary, flowing feminine side. We need both sides to work together harmoniously on this journey. When we have only one side working then we are firing on only half our power. When both are strong but working together like divorced parents then we also have a problem. Synergy is where both come together as a team. Where logic supports our intuition, where strategic thinking supports our vision and so on.

At a certain point you will discover that you are not alone in this journey. You are guided on this journey. You are held in love by the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. Your Higher Self and angels and guides are walking with you. They speak through your intuition. I discovered working at Alternatives that there are guides and angels with a knowledge of business. There are marketing angels for instance. So, if you need help sure YouTube is useful but why not tune into the infinite wisdom and guidance in the Universe. Guidance and wisdom are available to you 24/7. You just need to know how to connect. When you feel connected to Infinite Intelligence then your experience of flow and synchronicity increases. This connection also helps you break through to new levels of abundance, generosity and manifestation.

Although there is plenty of help from Spirit this path can be quite solitary at times and so finding your soul tribe can really help in terms of support, encouragement, helpful advice and tips and inspiration. These can be friends that align with your spiritual path or spiritual interests, they can also be fellow entrepreneurs who walk with you for a time on the journey.

Mentors – Spiritual entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from mentors and they can show up at useful points on the path. I have had a few and I have learned differently from each. My first was a spiritual teacher who also was a great entrepreneur for her time. This was before internet marketing was there. My second was at Alternatives before, during and after the internet took off. My third was a friend/coach who told me to get onto YouTube. Perhaps the best piece of advice I had in the past 5 years.

Finally spiritual business is interested in service, how we can help the world, who we are here to serve in the world. Getting rich is not the goal here, it can be a by-product, but it is not the focus.


If any of what I have said interests you then I have four offerings that I recommend you can check out.

  • The first is my social media site I have created for Starseeds. This is a space also for spiritual entrepreneurs to hang out.
  • The second is my forthcoming book called The Spiritual Entrepreneur that is coming out September 2021. Stay tuned for details.
  • The third is a webinar called The Starseed Entrepreneur that I run three or four times a year.
  • The fourth is an ongoing group called Starseed Business Networking. This is for spiritual entrepreneurs (it does not matter if you identify as a Starseed or not, if you are following my work then you are almost certainly a Starseed). This group is for Starseed entrepreneurs who have either started their business or are wanting to start. It is also for Starseeds who do not have a business or and or not interested in starting one, but they want to connect with other Starseed business’s because they are looking for Starseed connections as well as high vibe goods and services.

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