“I wrote this book for you to fall in love with your dark side so this world and your relationships and what happens has no power over you anymore, and you rise to become the light leader you were born to be. This particular section contains shadow work processes. My book, Turn Yourself On, begins on New Years Eve. It was midnight in the year 2000 when I became a single mum and the book is full of hundreds of processes I used then and now teach; that brought me the love of my life to be the father my daughter never had. And real support for every single initiation I’ve ever had. It’s been a support to thousands of people, who like you, know they’re here to guide the planet. We can’t do that if we haven’t made peace with our “human.” We’ll keep being distracted by things like money, relationships and lack of support. Turn Yourself On became a #1 best-seller. I wrote it to be like your best friend and handbook all rolled into one so that when you need something, it’s there to alchemise it, so you can do what you came here to do. I wrote this book, to turn your power on. May it be the support I wrote it to be. 

My love to you, Marina x” 


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