This REMASTERED Meditation is designed to help Starseeds move more Easily and Gracefully into the Dreamtime.

“There is a doorway that leads from your inner world to the dreamtime. There is a series of steps to that door, perhaps you only need one or two of those steps. We are going through each step which takes us through layers of rainbow cleaning light. Through this dreamtime door there are many wondrous worlds and many incredible beings. There are temples of healing and learning. There are places where you can meet those in your soul family. There are so many high vibrational dimensions to visit and experience. The door to the dreamtime maybe a door filled with light, it may feel ornately carved, it may vibrate with a healing light. Once you pass through that door we ask that you be held and guided by angels of dreamtime, by your guides and mentors in the dreamtime who are there to guide you……”

Music by Sefy Tofan.


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