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Gold/Nettle/Ultraviolet Angelic Fire Transmission: Creating Safety, Belonging, Love and Protection.


In this Gold/Nettle/Ultraviolet Transmission, we call your Team in Spirit and Unseen Friends to create a safe energetic space in the physical structure around you (bedroom, office etc.). We also then create a safe energetic space in your Auric Field. Together, we call light to any vulnerable or wounded aspect of your psyche.

Specific Angels…

In this Gold/Nettle/Ultraviolet Transmission, we call on Angels from nature holding the blueprint of Nettle. This plant has long been associated with protection and some say the name “nettle” comes from the Anglo-Saxon word noedl, meaning needle. Nettle has sharp prickles that, you may have noticed, keeps unwanted visitors away. We also call on Angels of Ultraviolet Fire and Gold Light from the Great Central Sun.

What to Expect…

We begin the Gold/Nettle/Ultraviolet Transmission by calling into the physical structure light from the Great Central Sun. This is followed by electric blue fire from Archangel Micheal. Both fires are called nto the walls, doors, windows and ceiling. We also place flaming blue swords of AA Michael into the physical structure around you. Then we invite the energy of Nettle into the outer layer of the physical structure.

We invite gold light from the Great Central Sun into all objects/furnishings/electrical circuits/electrical devices around you.

We then invite ultraviolet fire in the room’s space, into the very air you breathe clearing lower energies. This ultraviolet fire is also then pulled into your energy fields and Gold fire seals the fluid ultraviolet fire in your energy field.

Once this is done we send the healing energy of gold to any wounded parts of the psyche that need a greater sense of love and safety. We send the message to these parts, “I am here for you, you are part of my family of selves, you belong, you are loved, you are safe.”

Finally, in this meditation, you will feel a decreasing in intensity of ultraviolet in your field. When this happens we invite the gold to mix with ultraviolet, creating a new fluid field of gold-violet.

Music by…

Sefy Tofan (Anima Mundi) – The track is called ‘I’m connected (963 Hz).’

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  1. Hello Steve, I awoke from a horrible dream in which I was failing to fit in or be respected, and wrote it down in my dream book feeling awful. Put laptop on and up came your message and meditation. You must have been watching! Perfect timing. Even the nettles are golden. Love it. Thanks a million. Love and Light..

  2. Absolutely brilliant! A total reset of all protection and wounded child healing. Welcoming her home. Thank you Steve

  3. Beautiful
    My new therapy room is now sealed and protected. Thank you Steve.

  4. This was so helpful and much needed today. I tell my clients during our sessions that they are loved and safe but don’t always have that told to me in return.
    I feel more loved and protected after listening to this and also more grounded and connected than I have been lately. Beautiful, Thank you!

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