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Fluid Silver / Quartz Crystal /Starlight Healing Meditation.

What is the Fluid Silver / Quartz Crystal /Starlight Healing Meditation For?

This meditation invokes healing energies from the Stars and from the Crystalline Core of the Earth to cleanse and heal the chakras, all corresponding areas of the physical body and layers of the aura.

This meditation appeared in a dream and so voila

Inviting Starlight….

In this track we call Starlight into the upper chakras, Crown down to the Heart. This light is sent to the corresponding physical areas of each chakra. This light is also sent to the layers of the aura that correspond with these chakras.

Inviting Fluid Silver and Clear Quartz Crystal….

We then invoke Fluid Silver and Clear Quartz Crystal into the lower chakras, Root up to the Heart. This light is sent to the corresponding physical areas of each chakra. This light is also sent to the layers of the aura that correspond with these chakras.


Clearing Chakras and Sealing Layers of the Aura…

Starlight down into:
Crown – Pituitary (7th layer of the aura)
Third Eye – Pineal (6th layer of the aura)
Throat – Thyroid (5th layer of the aura)
Heart – Thymus, heart, lungs (4th layer of the aura).

Fluid silver and quartz crystal up into:
Root – Bones, Genitals, and reproductive glands (testes and prostate in men; ovaries and womb in women) pelvic floor, (1st layer of the aura)
Sacral – kidneys, adrenals, bladder regulates the immune system. (2nd layer of the aura)
Solar Plexus – Digestive Pancreas; regulates metabolism. (3rd layer of the aura)
Heart – Thymus, heart, lungs (4th layer of the aura).

Music by…

Laurentiu Florea. This track is called Chakras Healing (Pebbled Ocean Waves, 3Hz Delta Binaurals)

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  1. Wow !!! I just had an amazing response to this Meditation. The light that came in was truly Amazing. Absolutely Amazing. Thank you in deep Gratitude. Well done and Many many Thank yous. Lots of love and Healing for Everybody Out There. Carol xx xx

  2. Absolutely wonderful for the Heart…the Silver Light is so precious, beyond beyond…thank you Steve…

  3. Thank you Steve Nobel. This clearing and healing meditation is going to make all the difference. I Bless you.

  4. Thank YoU Steve Nobel❣️ Loved this beautiful meditation✨ Feeling within, vibrating throughout I AM grateful, thankful and blessed ✨☮️☮️

  5. Incredibly Healing Meditation and such Beautiful Energy!!! Thank You, Thank You Steve Nobel and Loving Beings of Light from Source for this beautiful Meditation. Wishing you ALL Well-BEing and Peace in your Heart.

  6. Thank you for this healing and energizing meditation. I valued your slower rate of speech, too. Reducing the pace enabled my older brain to focus on your every word.

  7. Many blessings Steve. Thank you. and to all the angels and archangels and “company of heaven” MUch love and gratitude.

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