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UltraViolet Angelic Fire Transmission: Dissolving Cords and Lower Energy Interference.

Since this is a remastered meditation please be aware that the symbol of Raphael is now a crystal wand.

Listen to this remastered transmission (last uploaded June 2018) to connect with a group of Ultra-Violet Light Angels that can be called upon to clear, cleanse and uplift your personal energy space as well as dissolve cords to individuals or groups that interfere with your light and in some way block your soul path. This transmission also includes a clearing of the physical space around you, the equipment, mobile phones, computers etc as well as any virtual space such as social media or digital bank accounts that you are energetically connected to.

Please note….

In this clearing you are only clearing and dissolving what is interfering or blocking you are not dissolving the love between you and another. Also note that you can include this clearing with your intimate partner to release anything lower between you. Please be mindful if including any young children as there will be cords between parents and children that need to remain until late adolescence).

Music by…

Rebecca Reads

Other Information…

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29 responses

  1. I am so glad I recently “stumbled” on your transmissions. Much love & blessings to you & your efforts

  2. Thank you for this ultra violet light angelic fire transmission. Although I have closed and removed my Chakras I was able to utilise the transmission in a varied organic method. It was full on. I especially liked this transmission because it involved modern day communication and monetary systems. Spot on.
    I hope that you do not mind if I recommend or send this transmission to other healers and spiritual walkers.
    Much gratitude to you. Much love and light.

  3. Thank you Steve, i feel very calm within self, energy on the property has changed to lightness, family are more in tune with self and surrounds. lots of loving energy greatly appreciated…blessings to you all…

  4. Loved it. This is so powerful. I can always feel connection and releases to what is being said. Thank you for sharing this. I also share it with my loved ones. Blessings to you!

  5. I did this last week when there was a major battle royale going on internally with incoming energies. I had an overwhelming smell of something burning in my room & my ceiling fan light started flicking on & off. I legit had my eyes open looking for fire lol. No smell or lights flickering since. Strange happenings indeed!The clearing helped immensely btw, thank you!!

  6. So glad I found this meditation, I have been feeling so down and unable to sleep. We have been thru an unimaginable trauma.
    We live in Parkland and we are still dealing with the after effects of the mass shooting at our high school. I will keep this as my routine. Namaste

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Yes, of course we heard all about it in the UK.
      Very shocking for those living in the area.
      For trauma/shock consider Bach flower essences,
      Star of Bethlehem is very good.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful meditation! It was moving and so healing, it was a glorious healing.

    Thank you again.

    Linda Oropeza

  8. It is still the best meditation ever!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, DEAR STEVE! Greetings from Hamburg! Thank you so much!

  9. Powerful Steve. Thank you so much. So grateful to have you in my field. Thank you to the angelic realm. I love you I see you I feel you. Infinite love to you Steve. Hum hum hum such sweet vibration. Higher love.

  10. Dearest Steve,
    Thank you so much for this extremely thorough healing, cleansing, and protection transmission. I always enjoy working with the Ultra Violet Fire Angels because of how great I feel afterwards. I especially love that you included our electronics in the process. I feel so much lighter and “squeaky clean.” Thank you for being in our lives!
    Much love,

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