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Higher Light Decree: Embracing 5D Abundance/Wealth Consciousness.

This is a remastered track (originally uploaded December 2018).

I call upon my Higher Self, I Am Presence, and my team of the highest light to be present during this decree of intent. Asking for guidance to embrace the full spectrum of abundance, opportunity, success, wealth, flow that is my birthright as I step into higher frequencies of light.

I declare my full sovereignty of light and power in this time of transition. I call upon my Higher Self, I Am Presence, and my team of the highest light in spirit to bring to resolution to anything that resonates with scarcity or limitation. I call upon angels of abundance and wealth consciousness to assist me in this process.
Please clear and purify all pathways of ancient karma concerning abundance in all of its forms including money. Revoke any agreements, contracts, promises or vows that create failure, self-sabotage, scarcity, struggle or limitation through all time and space. Revoke all religious programming of renunciation and any and all beliefs that the material world is sinful or evil. Revoke all programming that creates a split between abundance/money and the spiritual path. Revoke all programming that says spiritual work must be done for free. Revoke all soul contracts where I have suffered hurt or harm that block abundance.

I ask that all family patterns and dynamics that seek to create or recreate scarcity or limitation in my reality be acknowledged, witnessed, purified and released with love. I ask that all scarcity and limiting programming originating from my bloodlines be released and cleared from my energy fields and reality. I ask that my bloodlines be purified and restored of all such scarcity and limiting programming within the ascending crystalline grid of the earth.

I revoke all and any old stories meanings, beliefs and identification that hooks me into old scarcity patterns. Clear any and all beliefs that the 3D financial system has power over me in any way. Please clear all imprinting of anxiety, fear, self-doubt, conflict, drama, restriction, limitation, blame, shame, slavery, exile or pain connected to abundance or wealth in any of its myriad forms. Clear any stories or beliefs that it is not safe to be abundant or to allow money to accumulate in my reality. Any stories around abuse or being abused. All stories of master or slave. Release all discordant energies and imprints with light and love. I now forgive, release and balance everything concerning money or any other channel of abundance.
Clear and purify any anxiety, fear or co-dependency around money in my base chakra. Dissolve all cords or threads that connect me to any being group or place that vibrates with scarcity.
Clear and heal all experiences within this lifetime that have created any limiting story or belief around money or wealth that is not of the highest frequency of light and possibility. Release all unconscious resistance to abundance and wealth.

Close and seal any lower frequency openings in my energy fields that drain my energy and any form of abundance. Clear all limiting stories, meanings and beliefs from this lifetime within all levels of my Akashic Soul Records. Clear and purify any interference from lower astral forces that seek to keep my reality in scarcity. I have no further need to grow through these forces opposing my spiritual light and power. Clear and purify all lower frequencies and interfering energies affecting my bank accounts. Clear all my virtual platforms of blocks to abundance and seal all openings to lower frequency dimensions on all virtual financial platforms. Neutralise any interference that seeks to drain, divert or harvest my light in any way.
Clear any agreements to grow through scarcity, limitation and suffering. I now choose to grow through joy, fullness and trust which assists me in aligning with my soul mission.

I ask my Higher Self, I Am Presence, and my team of the highest light to raise my frequency to the highest spectrum of possibility so that I am able to truly receive a limitless universal golden miraculous flow of abundance and wealth. Expand and align my consciousness and energy centres and energy fields to fully absorb and utilise this great golden miraculous universal flow.
Within my sacred mission here on earth I call upon angels of abundance to illuminate and assist me on my journey from darkness to light. I call upon masters of light within the various 5D planes of existence to guide, inform and uplift my journey into the light of abundance and miraculous flow.
Within my sacred mission here on earth all my untapped limitless potential including all other life uplifting experiences with abundance and wealth are returning to me thus allowing me to more fully enjoy the vast gifts and treasures held within the depths of my unconscious mind.
Within my sacred mission here on earth I generate a new higher frequency way of thinking, believing and feeling around abundance and wealth in all of its forms. I allow new ideas and innovations to daily inspire my path.

Within my sacred mission here on earth I now use all forms of wealth and money for my upliftment, growth and for the upliftment, growth and to assist in the soul purpose of others. As I grow in abundance and prosperity my highest good now contributes to the highest good of all those around me.
Within my sacred mission here on earth I acknowledge there are no limits to the number of win/win situations I can create and co-create.
Within my sacred mission here on earth I now hold a greater capacity for abundance in all of its forms in my base chakra. All money as energy is purified with ultra-violet light before entering into my field. I now accumulate money as energy safely and securely within my energy fields.
Within my sacred mission here on earth I request that my relationship to abundance and wealth in all of its forms be held and expanded within the ascending purifying light of the Ascension Christ Grid.

Within my sacred mission here on earth I am open to a new flow that includes many new uplifting experiences, energies and opportunities. As I journey within my sacred mission here on earth I notice many doorways that were previously invisible or hidden. They now open in unexpected and miraculous ways. These new opportunities open up new channels of abundance, wealth and flow.

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  1. THANK you Steve cordially!!
    Everything you do and share is so powerful and UPLIFTING!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year

  2. Thank you for all your help with my journey x Merry Christmas and a Happy New year x I feel amazing after every one of your transmissions

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