Meditación del Templo de Luz Angelical

Ahí, dentro de un gran salón en el templo de luz, conocerás a cuatro ángeles de sanación. Cada ángel está esperándote para transmitirte sus rayos de luz y sanación. El primer ángel es aquel de Azul Aguamarina que transmite luz a las células del cuerpo. El segundo, es el ángel de Rosa Cristal que transmite […]

Affirmations: Raising Your Love-Bliss Resonance

Download this track and listen often to reprogram your unconscious mind with more life affirming possibilities. As you do so you will find the energy of love flowing increasingly into your reality.  Listen to this remastered affirmation track (originally created May 2016) to raise the love frequency. Love is an Energy… “Love. Love. Love. Love. […]

7D Unicorn Race Transmission: Healing the Adaptive Child, Liberating the Magical Child.

This remastered meditation (originally uploaded October 2020) is for adults who wish to strengthen their connection to the Unicorn Race. It is also intended to heal the adaptive, conditioned, wounded child/children within and liberating the magical child. This meditation can also be used for children that feel a connection to the Unicorn Beings. If a […]