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7D Unicorn Race Transmission: Healing the Adaptive Child, Liberating the Magical Child.

This remastered meditation (originally uploaded October 2020) is for adults who wish to strengthen their connection to the Unicorn Race.

It is also intended to heal the adaptive, conditioned, wounded child/children within and liberating the magical child. This meditation can also be used for children that feel a connection to the Unicorn Beings. If a child is listening to this then the parent or guardian needs to explain the concept of wounded child and magical child. A child just needs to connect with any hurts or upset or unhappiness they are experiencing. The magical part is the fun, limitless, imaginative aspect that is not limited by this 3D World.

The 7D Unicorn Race…

There was a time where higher frequency races such as the Unicorns were more easily available to beings on the 5D earth-plane. This connection began to wane during the end period of Lemuria when humanity began a slow descent in consciousness. Unicorns are soul healers that are connected to angelic realm. They are returning at this time to assist Starseeds in shifting into 5D. Many Starseeds have a strong connection to the Unicorns and many Starseed children especially feel a connection to Unicorns as guides and helpers.

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  1. Hello Steve and how are things for you in the UK ? I have curiosity about UK as I have not been there yet:)

    This transmission was the most liberating and imaginative one to date. I felt such resonance and restoration so thank you very much.


  2. Thank You for this Magical Loving meditation Steve. I had to cry several times when I received so much Love from my Unicorn guide. I was able to release lot of deep grief. I was able to connect with my magical Child. Bless You Starseed brother.

  3. As always another over the top and fantastic guided meditation
    I shed many soft tears and felt the presence of unicorn beings and my magical child self holding and healing me in a very difficult time in my life
    Thank you

  4. Another INCREDIBLY AWESOME Transmission, dear heart !

    Clearly I have a deep connection to this Unicorn Race because so MANNNNY came to me at once and it felt like I was home surrounded by family.

    But first I was greeted by this BEAUTIFUL Ent that reminded me of Tree Beard from Lord Of The Rings. He was full of all different colored fall leaves and had the sweetest face and kindest energy. Watched my very small child self rush into his arms as hugged me closely and then carried me to the waterfall.

    As I walked through the waterfall I was a small child the I literally watched myself move through every age/decade and then was greeted by my Crone self from the future that took me through the forest to the Unicorns.

    I listen to at least one of your Affirmations, Meditations, Transmissions almost daily, but this one was life changing for me. Thank you, dear friend! What a GIFT you are to the planet and the Universe!

    Love and peace ✌,

  5. Hi Steve, I loved this, it was very peaceful and healing. At the end I felt I needed to close chakras and seal, for entering ‘real’ world again. I wondered why you didn’t go through that, and would like your opinion. This was a nice escape from an unhappy angry neighbour, so sealing seemed important. So appreciative of your work, thank you, and warmest wishes, Jacky

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