The Sekhmet Transmission: Reclaiming Multidimensional Healing Gifts.

The Goddess Sekhmet has strong connections for Starseeds with Sirian connections and especially Blue-Ray Starseeds. For those on the path who are awakening Sekhmet comes as a healing force of love. For those resisting the path Sekhmet often appears in her fierce warrior aspect. In this transmission, we meet the Goddess Sekhmet in a temple on the earth-plane. Here you will release any trauma you are holding around being a healer or working as a master of light. Then you will be transported by Sekhmet to a Sirian Temple of Light, guarded by Sirian Archangels and Masters of Light. Here, Sekhmet and many light beings will work on your energy fields awakening memories and channels of power to a lifetime where you worked as a healer or master of light.

AFFIRMATIONS: I Am One With The All-Embracing Light of Source Energy

Affirmations are one tried and tested way we can reprogramme our unconscious mind with new possibilities. Affirmations can raise the level of our thinking which in turn increases certain feel-good hormones. “I am one with the all-embracing light of Source energy I am one with the all-embracing love of Source energy. I am one with […]

Entity Extraction Meditation

This Meditation… This meditation is used to seal any openings in your energy fields which allows lower entities into your space. This is done initially by your Team in Spirit along with Ultra-Violet Fire Angels. Then Metatron and Sandalphon each open a portal of light. Metatron opens a portal above your crown chakra extracting lower […]

Super Quick Energetic Sealing Your Space Meditation.

This remastered meditation (originally uploaded September 2020) starts with sealing the room you are in such as a bedroom or office area. ***Please note*** that the symbol for Archangel Raphael is now a crystal wand. You can also expand the meditation to seal a larger space such as an apartment, house or larger office section […]

Releasing Anxiety/Fear Meditation.

This is a remastered transmission (originally uploaded June 2019). Please note that the symbol for Raphael is now a crystal wand and not a caduceus. The basic premise of this meditation is that acceptance and awareness are better ways to handle anxiety and fear over avoidance/distraction. This meditation transmutes fear from this lifetime, any energies […]