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Super Quick Energetic Sealing Your Space Meditation.

This remastered meditation (originally uploaded September 2020) starts with sealing the room you are in such as a bedroom or office area.

***Please note*** that the symbol for Archangel Raphael is now a crystal wand.

You can also expand the meditation to seal a larger space such as an apartment, house or larger office section from lower energetic interference.

A Note on Other Occupants in Your Personal Space.

If you are sharing a personal space with anyone else, please note that they maybe contributing to lower energies within the space. This means that although the space is sealed from external interference it is not permanently clear of lower energies generated from within the space.

A Note on Sealing a House, Apartment or Larger Office Space.

If you wish to seal a larger space than one room you use this meditation and focus on the external walls, roof, foundations, external windows and doors. (If you are sealing an apartment contained within a larger building, then seal your personal space but not the entire building occupied by any other.)

A Note on Grounding.

If your room or office or apartment is above ground meaning your space is not in physical connection with the earth, then you can send cords or roots down through the building into the earth grounding your space. If there is anyone else occupying the space between your space and the earth, then you can send cords or roots down through the building into the earth grounding your space. You do not need permission to ground your space by anyone else.

A Note on Doing this Remotely.

Although it is recommended that you do this while in the space you can also clear it remotely.

Music by…

Rebecca Reads – Healing Earth.

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