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Goddess Kuan Yin Transmission: Clearing Cruelty, Spite and Envy with Light and Compassion.

Everything is Energy….

Everything is energy. Thoughts and emotions are energies. Low frequency energy such as harsh unkind speech can be projected in the 3D Matrix deliberately or unconsciously. If you work in an aggressive environment then you may be prone to unknowingly and unconsciously receiving energies in your field that need to be cleared. Similarly, you may have been involved in a situation or relationship where energies of malice, spite and envy are deliberately projected towards you.

This Transmission…

This remastered transmission (originally uploaded June 2019) works to clear low frequency energies from the Collective Consciousness within the 3D Matrix. These can come through a work or education environment, also from the many forms and channels of media now being broadcast. This transmission then also works to clear a specific individual or situation. The clearing works within the physical body and also within the auric field.

Goddess Kuan Yin….

“She Who Hears the Prayers of the World”, was originally the mother Goddess of China. She proved so popular She was adopted into the Buddhist pantheon as a Bodhisattva. Goddess Kuan Yin is known as a great healer who can cure all ills. Simply calling Her name in time of crisis is believed to grant deliverance.

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  1. Magic in Rhyme

    In the name of what is good
    I pronounce this day ahead
    With all the power found in wood
    To the violet flame be wed

    And as the sacred fire grows
    Through the traces of its time
    The light, exposing what it knows
    Creates a space in rhyme

    With urgency the pages turn
    To unfold their hidden lines
    Held in books once meant to burn
    In them the great I AM defines

    In the language of the day
    Let these words take flight
    Free as children, let them play
    Between the day and night.

  2. Speechless as usual after this one…so wonderful
    Love and blessings ALL WAYS to you Steve xo

  3. Dearest Steve,

    This is so timely a always!! We love and cherish you for all that you do and for all that you are, a king among men!!!

    With so much love and gratitude,

  4. during trh emeditation i heard “i am aware” . i had this initiation 10 years ago and i use the energy every day. but 10 minutes in to the meditation my cats started mekking at a bird on the balkony and that was so funny i could not concentrate anymore. 🙂 thank you for htis and i will try another time. have a great day 🙂

  5. That was an amazing healing. For the first time in my life both sides of my body have been joined together and many soul pieces were returned. Thank you Steve and God bless you.

  6. Steve
    Your meditations speak to me on such a level..I don’t know how to explain.
    I felt with this one that you were in front of me,speaking to my soul.
    So grateful to have found you at this exact time and in this space.


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