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Affirmations: I Am a Starseed Magician.


The Power of Affirmations…

Affirmations address the unconscious mind directly. This is the part of you that never sleeps, the part of you that is always listening to the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the choices you make, and the everyday actions you take. The unconscious mind is the part of you that generates and regenerates your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. The unconscious mind is mostly responsible for creating your reality. Allow this affirmation track to go deep into your body, deep into the cells, deep into the beliefs you hold, deep into your fluid energy field.

(This is a remastered track originally uploaded Jan 2020). 

Here is the Script…

“I am a Starseed Magician. I am here in this ascending dimension of struggle and hardship to birth a new reality. A reality of higher light, of higher consciousness, of higher potential. I have come to liberate others to their true power and light. I am a pioneer in this ascension process. I am a reality creator……”

“I am a Starseed Magician. I am here in this ascending dimension of struggle and hardship to birth a new reality. A reality of higher light, of higher consciousness, of higher potential. I have come to liberate others to their true power and light. I am a pioneer in this ascension process. I am a reality creator.

This is a Dream World….

I am a Starseed Magician. I am here to reveal the true nature of this dream world. Within this dream world I have come to reclaim my true light, my true power. I have come to open my heart and mind to the truth of my being and my place in this vast Multi-verse of light. I have come to banish all lower toxic energies around me. I am here to banish all shadows.

I am a Starseed Magician, there are no limits to what is possible in this dream world. I am aware that the only limits on my creative abilities are the ones I have placed upon myself. Or the ones I have allowed others to place within my consciousness.

I Take Back My Power…

I am a Starseed Magician. I am the authority in my life. I take back all power I have given to others in my reality. I take back all power I have given to authority figures, gurus, teachers, groups, churches and any system that does not serve my best and highest interests.

I am a Starseed Magician, I take responsibility for the reality I have created to date. While I was asleep, I was not fully able to create a reality of ease, grace and joy. Everything I created was due to my old stories and old belief systems. Now everything is changing as I am changing. My consciousness is open and receptive to my Higher Self and those angels and guides who are supporting me in this ascending reality.

Everything is Energy…

I am a Starseed Magician. I live within an energetic Universe. Everything is energy. An individual is made up of a number of energy bodies from the dense physical to the less dense emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. A thought is energy. An emotion is energy. An idea is energy. A dream is energy. Words and actions are energy in motion. A project is energy. A building is energy. A city is energy. A Universe is energy.

I am a Starseed Magician. I embrace the magical principle that energy flows where my attention goes. Therefore, I am releasing all attachments to those experiences and circumstances in my past that no longer serve me. The past is over there is only the eternal present moment. I am releasing all limiting conditioning and stories from my past. I am releasing all attachments to past problems. I am releasing all pointless anxiety, judgements, drama and low expectations about the future.

Every Obstacle is an Opportunity to Learn and Grow…

I am a Starseed Magician. I am aware that every obstacle is an opportunity to learn and grow. Every challenge is an opportunity to become more resourceful. Every issue is there to help me access my multidimensional gifts. Every so-called block is there to direct me towards my true path.

I am a Starseed Magician. I am forgiving, releasing, dissolving and expanding all limits to joy, all limits to love, all limits to freedom, all limits to abundant flow all limits to every important soul quality. I am 100% here and now placing my focus on what I appreciate about myself, on my unique gifts and soul qualities I possess. I banish all pointless self-doubt and anxiety. I focus my mind on what generates happiness, on what I love, on what inspires and uplifts me. I am placing all my attention on my dreams, on solutions, on experiences I want to attract into my life.

My Heart and Mind are Aligned with My Higher Self…

I am a Starseed Magician. I am here to make an important difference. I am here to awaken fully and to help others awaken. I am acting with complete integrity in this ascending world. My heart and mind are aligned with my Higher Self and I am being guided along the path of my highest soul mission.”

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28 Responses

    1. I am a Star-seed Magician !! And so it is !! I am aligned to my true nature , and I take up my mission of light love peace ✌️ and freedom and unconditional love for all !!
      I also take up my mission as a Rainbow Warrior of light !! And I will help heal the earth and all of humanity!! I Am A STAR SEED Magician !! ✌️

    2. Steve.. thank you. I listened to this in sync with walking the dog in the forest. Being outside ALWAYS enhances my state, or will make me feel better, if I’m not feeling well. Typically, I enjoy listening to the birds, nature, etc. & try not to touch the little box that everyone, including myself now, are constantly touching. I must say unbeknownst to me, the combo( listening & nature) had a stronger effect on me, and felt quite powerful! I needed that, so much so, and one more thing..I believe, bc I spent time with you in the 3d, it adds a quality that brings your words alive even stronger in my heart.. grateful, thank you.. peace & love

  1. I am not the same person I was, before I listened to These Affirmations!! God Bless You Steve Nobel, for your depth and iintrinsic awareness of how self-sabotage, play’s such a requiring role, in our precious lives!! And through Your Magic, lifts the Spirits of Humanity, on this Earth plane of Existence!! Namaste and Universal Love, Lisa Jane Shelby ‍♂️✨⭐️⚡️✨

  2. Thanks for the sharing. Incredibly fantastic affirmations.
    Stay blessed as always.
    In deep appreciation.

  3. I am a Starseed Magician and I am grateful for these affirmations. I know I was lead to this site to assist me in taking the next step in my awakening journey. Thank you for the support and guidance.
    Blessings, love and light.

  4. This meditation just reached in and opened my heart. I had lost my faith that earth was the journey I had once been so excited to embark on. For the past 7 years I have lost the feeling that this is a safe and beautiful place. Thank you so much Steve. My heart aches so much, but it has been moved and opened again. Sonya

  5. Thank you so much Steve for your continuous dedication to raising the frequency and consciousness of The Collective. I feel so powerful as I read these words aloud!! The power and beauty of the words are undeniable!!

    Charlotte J Perdicaris

  6. Hi Steve,

    I may not be able to express all the gratitude I have for the uniqueness felt while listening to these affirmations. They have helped me bond with myself to a great extent, helped me in loving myself, helped me in feeling the oneness within and in letting go of the pain from the clutches of my past.

    Thanks a million,
    Sending all the love and blessing your way,

    Arjun Chandra

  7. Brilliant. Beautiful! Helpful. Inspired and inspiring. I have created a female voiced version of this incredible piece – will share here when complete and I will credit the writer. Thank you. I love you. <3

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