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Ascension News: Starseed, Your Weirdness is Your Brilliance.

I was Born into a 3D Working Class Family…

“In my own life I was born into a 3D working class family where being ‘weird’ or eccentric was actively discouraged. Especially as I was entering my teenage years. So, I had the strong message that being normal was the acceptable path. Well, I did explore the weird path for a while, I was macrobiotic at the age of 15, I was exploring yoga and martial arts before either became that trendy. Even more worrying for my parents, had they found out, was that I was exploring various different spiritual paths. I was reading occult and magical books and reading authors like Lobsang Rampa who was very popular in the early 70’s. Despite a few years of this exploration I was not feeling I was getting anywhere and so I tried to be normal, to fit in. I got a regular job in the banking industry in the City of London and I married at the age of 21 and had a regular 3D family life for some years….

Trying to Be Normal…

I am sure trying to be normal and fit in is common for Starseeds, especially for those born into 3D families. The pressure to fit in also comes from the education system and the need to make a living. Though it is common for Starseeds to deny their weirdness and try to be normal this generally does not work out very well.

For a Starseed their weirdness is part of their core identity. They are not like the majority of people on the planet. They have different values, belief systems, ways of accessing information, a different kind of intelligence. Starseeds incarnate with a broad and extensive range of inner resources and gifts though access to these may be closed down for a while. Starseeds in 3D families may not feel they have a voice and that they cannot express how they truly feel or what is truly inside of them. Those around them do not recognise their true brilliance and may see something else instead. Starseeds may feel they are the black sheep of the family. Starseeds tend not to have a good time until they recognise their true nature and brilliance.

Starseeds are Naturally Weird…

In my own life when I began to accept that my weirdness was a core part of who I was life became easier. In the late 90’s I resigned from my last regular career and became a director of a spiritual organisation called Alternatives at the turn of the century. This was my first real acceptance of the fact that my weirdness could be put to good use. Before that point all the healing and spiritual training I had done was for my personal journey. I was happy to keep it private; it wasn’t for public consumption. That my weirdness could actually help me earn money as well as doing a valuable service for the planet was something very new. My second level of accepting my weirdness was a path to brilliance came when I created my own work called The Soul Matrix. Initially I did have some concerns that my family already thought I was weird enough and so going out there even further did not initially fill me with delight. Yet, as I accepted this new level of weirdness and being more public with it I found a whole new level of flow and abundance and joy. I was also able to serve more Starseeds.

Accepting Your Weirdness…

Accepting weirdness as your innate brilliance is the path of awakening for all Starseeds. Starseeds have a mission, they have unique gifts and talents and they have something they want to express. Trying to fit in and be like everyone else is not the way forward. My message to every Starseed listening to this ascension news track is I encourage you to embrace your unique way of seeing the world and expressing yourself. Be eccentric. Be yourself. Avoid being formulaic.”


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful loving reminder that our uniqueness allows others to embrace their own gifts.

  2. Thank you. I am expanding and sharing who I am. Your article was insprational.
    My Blog is

    1. Thank you ! Reading this, it made me realize I’m on the right path ! When I was growing up I never truly felt like I ‘fit in’. Now I know, I was never suppose to fit into that mold. I work in education and strive to provide a safe space where students can be themselves and cultivate their gifts. I want them to know, they are not alone.

  3. Thank you for all your work. I am just tapping into the you tube meditations and have really expanded with the 444 Gateway. -and the wellness shield protection has helped me tremendously as I work in an ER Hospital in my smaller home town. I have just recently stepped out into my own weirdness ; I am stepping into my passion as an Intuitive and energy healer. Thank you for your lightwork and guiding resonance.
    Be well.

  4. Thank you so much for this message. I struggled for a long time with my weirdness. I similarly studied many religions, the occult, and extraterrestrials in my teens. I also, very early, got married and tried to stay within the 3D lines for many many years with a partner that didn’t understand me.
    After awakening, and freeing myself from the confines of “normal”, I am very much appreciating the spiritual growth that has taken place over the last 6 years. I want to thank you for your guided meditations. I just found them recently. They are wonderful.

  5. Wow. I find it truly weird, though, that I landed in a family to which I have NO past-life connection, NO karmic connection, and NO cosmic connection (as in universities of light, Orion, etc.). Just bizarre, and I’m still not sure why. It’s why I’m os emotional detached with all of them, and can see things without emotions getting I the way…except when my dad triggers me, or I get brushed off. I still trigger my mum a lot, but honestly, I feel like I’m still learning how they are and how they think, and I feel like I don’t really show them my true self most of the time; that I’m just acting (which I’m incredibly good at when I want to be) around them. My mum is waking up, in fits and starts, but my dad seems to want to stay in the etheric treacle-mud-sludge-oil that is 3D…maybe there’ll be a divorce or something in their future. Would her if he woke up, but it would be easier to be without him a lot of the time. And I still wonder where I’m supposed to go and how I’l get there and what I’ll do when I’m there (apart from be known as “that author who wrote those spiritual fantasy novels”).

  6. Thank you for this video. It was a wonderful reminder to truly accept every aspect of me especially the weird part. Been holding back for many years and always felt like I just couldn’t fit in with others no matter what I did and now I realize that I am not supposed to. I am just supposed to shine in my own way and that’s ok. Thank you again for sharing. I am grateful!

  7. Oh my! So inspiring and freeing. Even as an infant, I recall feeling that I was in the wrong place, could not relate to anyone, and that sense has never left me. My heart nonetheless pulled into service work of all sorts and fortunately I found happiness in that. But at 65 I’m still lonely even in a 3D relationship where my partner is supportive of my weirdness. I’ve immersed myself into Occultism, Shamanism and every other “ism” except religion, which I avoided like the plague, being a “gay” weirdo. Lol. Thanks again Steve for giving me permission, at this old age, to be as weird as I want to be. Much love,
    Bee. ❤️

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