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Repairing and Upgrading the Astral/Dreaming Body Transmission

The Astral Realm…

The Astral Realm contains sub-dimensions where each one reflects the level of consciousness and vibration of the inhabitants contained therein. The Upper Astral is the place where we can meet angels, archangels and masters from the higher realms. The Higher Astral is where we find various temples of healing and schools of spiritual light and wisdom. The Middle Astral is the place where we often go during the dream state.

Light and Darkness…

These realms can be very beautiful and full of light and magic. We can also touch the Lower Astral in the dream state especially when going through a difficult period in our lives. The Lower Astral vibrates at the lowest levels of consciousness. We could think of this place in terms of being the collective repository of ‘evil’ of humanity. Here can be found entities and groups of beings that work within the energy fields of fear, rage, hatred, deceit, helplessness, black magic and so on.

The Astral/Dreaming Body…

The Astral/Dreaming Body is connected to the Heart chakra and it is the 4th layer of the aura that surrounds the etheric, emotional and mental bodies. It is with the Astral Body that we enter the dreamstate and can journey through the Astral Planes. Astral Travelling can also be called Astral Projection, an Out-of-Body Experience or OBE, and it can be called shamanic journeying.

In this Transmission…

In this transmission we go to a Temple of Light in the Higher Dimensions of Venus where we clean up the Astral Body, repairing it where necessary and then channelling ascension light codes from the Sun into your Astral Body to help you release any attachments to the Lower Astral Planes and thus orientate you towards the Higher Octaves of the Astral Plane and beyond.

Music by…

Rebecca Reads. The track is called The Temple Walk.

Other Information…

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2 Responses

  1. Bless you Steve. That was such a beautiful experience.
    QUESTION for you or anyone who may absolutely know: I was told by Medium who claims to communicate with our soul council that taking opiate pain relief for unbelievably high levels of spine pain from trauma prevents me from shamanic journeying, perhaps blocking my ascension process? Is this true? Stenosis throughout cervical and thoracic regions is barely survivable even with such pain relief so major conundrum here. Someone pls answer. ❤️

  2. Hi Brian.

    I’m epileptic due to brain surgery in my twenties on a large ‘benign’ tumour, was told also by a healer/channel I go to that my meds inhibit astral travel/journeying. Reason? -in my case the meds recognise the neurochemistry of deep dreaming (delta brainwaves, if memory serves) as so similar to epilepsy that the ‘dreaming soul’ (the ‘Po’ in chinese medicine, which rises out of the body during a seizure) is chemically blocked from leaving the body during sleep. A further consequence of this for me was that I was not downloading my waking experiences at night like most other folks, leading to brain fatigue and decreased functionality – as if my brain had insufficient ‘RAM/disk space’, to use a computer analogy. I was exhausted, demotivated and heavy in my body. I’ve since experimented by balancing infrequent meds with regular Qi Gong/ T’aijiquan practice and vocal exercises so am largely able to use non medicated controls – please note, these days my epilepsy is very mild and infrequent as I’ve had over 25 years to heal since my surgeries.

    Re: Pain: I’ll share a favourite memory of recuperating after my first neurosurgery which you might appreciate (!): Lying in bed after the pain meds wore off, with a head like a boiled egg (after you’ve poked the spoon in) held together by pins and pressure bandage, every breath agonising and knowing that it would be hours before my next dose. Immobilised by pain the only choice was to connect it to my breathing and imagine that each breath was reducing the pain microscopically (seemed logical – passage of time and so forth) – after some time I began to experience a ‘status quo’ of agony, which I could ride to the next dose of painkiller, which served me well in the days to come.

    Re. Shamanic Journeying: it occurs to me that there are many ways to work with intention and access the invisible realms which is cool as we’re all so different. Any arts practice, music, dance, nature walking, ceremony, for example – it sounds like you’re investigating all this anyway. For my own part, I like vocalising, drumming and dancing as they’re such visceral experiences, which helps me identify frequencies – useful in an ‘ascension’ context. With sound we can attune the radio receiver/transmitter of our bodies etc.

    To conclude, I offer these thoughts: as our bodies will follow what our minds are patterning for them we can choose what frequencies to embody or manifest (provided we’ve integrated sufficient amounts of our Shadow energy so that we don’t subconsciously trip ourselves up with ‘shoddy manifesting’ :))))!
    As a pal once said to me “Make up your own mind – that’s why you’ve got one”.

    Best regards and good hunting


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