Goddess Bast Transmission. Invoking Love, Fertility and Protection.

This Transmission… This transmission was created during the rising of Sirius, July 2023, in preparation for the peak of the 8/8 Lion’s Gateway. Working with the Goddess Bast, who is closely related to Sekhmet seemed to be appropriate at this time especially since Her energy may help to sooth the intensity of the energies coming […]

Solar-Crystalline Transmission: Clearing and Upgrading the Chakras and Aura.

This Transmission… In this transmission we call on ultraviolet fire angels and angels over-lighting the crystal kingdom. We begin by calling on ultraviolet fire along with 5D etheric crystals to clear and extract energies from the chakras. Then we call on different etheric crystals along with solar angels to transmit solar light through each set […]