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Goddess Bast Transmission. Invoking Love, Fertility and Protection.

This Transmission…

This transmission was created during the rising of Sirius, July 2023, in preparation for the peak of the 8/8 Lion’s Gateway. Working with the Goddess Bast, who is closely related to Sekhmet seemed to be appropriate at this time especially since Her energy may help to sooth the intensity of the energies coming through right now. This transmission is aimed at increasing the love energy in your field, love for self, love for other. It is also designed to increase the level of juicy magic and miracles in your reality.

The Goddess Bast…

Ancient Egyptians had a high reverence to cats, domestic cats were common in most homes. There were also shrines in their homes to honour and worship the cat Goddess Bast or Bastet. Not only was Bast seen as a protector of the home, she was also seen as love/fertility goddess. Bast was worshiped in Lower Egypt, originally as a lioness goddess, a role she shared with the Goddess Sekhmet. Whereas her twin sister Sekhmet was seen as the protectress of Upper Egypt, Bastet was revered as the deity who protected Lower Egypt. Over time Bast and Sekhmet were worshipped separately.

The Goddess of Love, Fertility, Sexuality…

Bast is a Goddess of cats, the sun, of the East, of fire, of love, intoxication, music and dancing, joy, celebration, fertility, secrets, magic, and sex. Bast also acquired the role of protecting those who sought her help against evil spirits and contagious diseases. She had the power to charm snakes and combat the effects of poisonous venom.

Music by…

Sefy Tofan (Anima Mundi) and the track is called ‘I’m Connected 963Hz.’

More Information…

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