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Multidimensional Curse Removal Transmission

The Ancient Practice of Cursing…

In 4D cultures, such as tribal and shamanic cultures, there is an awareness of magic, energy and the use of curses to seek revenge for some slight or wrong. Curses are also still employed to this day in certain cultures in the developing world. A curse can originate from a being, a group, coming down the bloodline, followed you from another lifetime for whatever karmic reason.

This Transmission and the Solar Eclipse…

It was released around the time of the solar eclipse (14th October 2023). This is because Dark Forces often use such astrological alignments to launch their nefarious operations.

Your Higher Self and Body Elemental…

In this transmission we call upon your Higher Self and Body Elemental to renounce the acceptance of this curse at any level of your physical and energetic being. Along with any feelings of deserving to be cursed, deserving to be persecuted, deserving to suffer.

We call on Archangel Michael…

And all angels working with Michael to stand between you and the being or group sending this curse. Michael to clear all cords, imprints, and associated energies.

We call on Psychic Surgeons…

To clear all emotional or mental hooks allowing psychic cords to reattach. Also, remove any etheric devices or seals.

We call upon Archangel Sandalphon…

And all beings working with Sandalphon to stand between you and the energies of any of your bloodline’s channelling to you any curse and associated energies. Also to revoke and clear any energies touching you from curses sent via the bloodline.

We call upon Archangel Metatron…

And all beings working with Metatron to stand between you and any being or group sending a curse in this or any lifetime. Also, to revoke and clear the sending of any curses, whether consciously or unconsciously, to anyone in this lifetime or any other lifetime.

We call upon Archangel Azrael

To shield you from any projection of negative self-talk, any projection of hurt or harm or any impulse to do harm, or impulse to sabotage yourself or another in any way. To remove all projection of evil as necessary.

Invoking a Waterfall of Light…

The transmission ends with a waterfall of violet-white-gold angelic light. Along with healing energies of clear quartz crystal and wild flowers from the earth.

Music by…

Chris Collins and the track is called Living Meditation.

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