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Prayer to the Cosmos.

This Track…

This track was originally created in March 2020 around the time that global lockdowns started happening. This track was remastered and re-released January 2024. This track was originally created in March 2020 around the time that global lockdowns started happening. This track was remastered and re-released January 2024.

This prayer was inspired by The Lord’s Prayer as translated Aramaic by Neil Douglas-Klotz.

The Prayer…

“Oh Multidimensional Source of All Life, from whom the breath of all existence flows. Your essence exists within all realms of sound, light and vibration. Your light and love are within all things from the greatest star to the tiniest atom.

I surrender my smaller will to align with the flow of Your Greater Will. In this surrender may I experience Your essence in all of my incarnations, bodies, dimensions and timelines.

May Your holy kingdom come to pass – in all Universes as well as upon the density of this ascending dimension of earth. May your holy light extend to all those lost in the darkness of ignorance and foolishness. Give us this day energetic sustenance for this body, love for the heart and wisdom for the mind.

Release us from the fetters of all errors that bind us, as we release all others from all blame. Deliver us from all ignorance and diversions from the true way. Free us from all lower temptations that block our true purpose.

Allow me to witness your light and essence within all living things.
For Yours is the eternal song that calls out and renews this Universe.

I seal this prayer in faith and truth.”


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  1. Astoundingly beautiful and deeply, deeply profound !

    You truly bless the world with your transmissions, meditations and prayers. Thank you !

  2. May I humbly ask:

    Why do you manifest the separation to devine being with a prayer directed to some imagined outside force?

    There is no outside.
    There is no other.
    I am – is all there is.
    I and the father are one.
    I am the drop in the ocean and the ocean in the drop.

    Praying is turning away from who you truly are and fulfills only an emotional (ego) need.

    You should already be masters and creators. Speak to the universe that is you, and create!


    1. Thank you for your perspective. Mine is different. Prayer is a call to unify with God/Goddess All That Is. A different version of this prayer was given by one of the Avatars of this planet, Jesus the Christ. Not everyone has reached mastery just yet. To know if you have acheived mastery and truly realise there is no outside, try running into a brick wall. If it hurts work still needs to be done! To know if you have acheived mastery and truly realise that you are one with the ocean, try walking on water. If you sink work still needs to be done. I am still learning!

      1. Steve, this prayer means so much to me. If I could take your hand and look into your eyes you would know the depth of my gratitude that words simply don’t convey. Peace and continued strength in who you are and all you do. Thank you for the joy!!
        – Diane

      1. I was attempting to respond to Anahel above, but my response fell to Steve’s post. My “Yes” was for Anahel. There is wisdom in this person’s message. And not as much loving thought in Steve’s. Steve sounds defensive toward input. If you choose not to show this message, please erase my ‘Yes’ as well. Thank you

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