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Herkimer Diamond and White Angelic Fire Transmission

Calling on Angels and Archangels…

This transmission calls on Herkimer Diamond Angels and Archangels from the Great Central Sun holding an intense White Fire. In this track we call on this combined angelic light to clean and purify the chakras from the crown down to the heart. This transmission complements the Rose Quartz Crystalline Angelic Light Transmission that clears all chakras from the heart down to base.

Clearing all Hindrances and Interferences…

This track clears all psychic-energetic toxicity and interference. Cleaning all the subtle channels, meridians, nadis, acupressure points. Clearing any psychic interference, from any spiritual teachers, spiritual groups from this lifetime, other lifetimes. Calling on angelic light to clean and clear this chakra from any influence or interference from false light beings. Clearing any hindrances or blockages that currently prevent the full activation of these chakra to fully awaken to my true path, true soul mission. Restoring the full connection between these chakras, and the highest light, highest guidance from your Higher Self and your connection to Source Energy.

Music by…

Chris Collins and the track is called Absolute Infinity.

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  1. Recording kept cutting out every 30 seconds. Or less. Please help! My phone is fully charged. When it didn’t stop the recording would often hitch up. Choppy recording, unfortunately.

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