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Living on Light Transmission: Expanding Your Capacity for Absorbing Prana.

Ascension and Absorbing Energy…

This remastered transmission (originally uploaded April 2019) assists Starseeds to incorporate light as part of their daily intake of energy. This is part of the shift from 3D density to a lighter 5D physical body. The body cannot get all of its nutrients from physical food. The soil of the planet is mostly too degraded. We need a higher frequency of light to start replacing the heavier aspects of our diet. Please note, this transmission is not intended to shift you into giving up all physical food. This is not the intention. Rather it will assist in shifting the diet to include more light.

Living on Light…

There are a number of aspects to this transmission. First, we must reverse the Patriarchal myth that the sun is essentially masculine. The sun, like the earth, has both masculine and feminine poles. In ancient times the sun was believed to be feminine. When we return to this ancient understanding then we can view the sun as nurturer, as provider. Then we can align with this intelligent energy source and be fed by Her rays. We do this by aligning our Body Consciousness so that it can drink in and absorb these rays.

Music by…

Michael Hammer and the track is called Waves of Light.


12 Responses

  1. I’m really loving this Meditation.
    So far I’ve done it every night before I go to sleep.

    Thankyou for making it free and available to everyone.

  2. I got the symbol of an Ankh! It was a beautiful Transmission Thank you Steve for another wonderful gift.

  3. I had a very strong feeling to place a crystal on my solar plexus before this began. What an incredible meditation. So powerful, essential and also very moving. I will be repeating this often. Thank you for the amazing work you do Steve, I am so grateful: ))

  4. We got the same message! I learnt this some weeks ago by the sun. Meditating in the early morning spring sun I got the “hint” to open up and take it in. All part of the shift!

    Thank you for your continued effort and service!

  5. Thank you Steve for this most powerful meditation. I had to listen three times before i understood and now I am talking and thanking my body elementals, for the work they do . Thank you for awakening this new awareness. Baby steps always, one at a time….and when we are ready.not a minute before.

  6. Thank you Steve, your meditations are awesome. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Love and blessings to you.

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