This transmission will help you work with angelic light to open a portal to a future timeline where you can dissolve resistance within you and thus more easily and gracefully begin to allow/attract/manifest the life of your dreams.

This is a summary of the process.

1. Focus on a goal/dream, something your heart/spirit wants you to manifest. This goal or dream will help you connect with more light and help you anchor more fully on the ascending 5D timeline on the earth.
2. Call a (Gaia-Solar) grid of light around you.
3. Call a symbol that represents your resistance to experiencing this dream.
4. Call ultra-violet fire and burn this symbol in the fire. Surrender the ashes to the earth or sun.
5. Call a new symbol that represents you experiencing this dream. Call upon the angelic forces to empower this symbol.
6. Duplicate the symbol. One is absorbed into your body. The other surrender this symbol to your HS who takes it to open your highest future timeline.
7. Walk the timeline. See the symbol anchored along the timeline at various key points.
8. Come back and dissolve the grids. Voila!

Golden Timeline Alchemy Transmission: Manifesting Your Personal Heaven on Earth from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.

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