Listen to this transmission for Blue Ray Starseeds. This transmission is designed to reconnect you to your star origins, your star tribe and to activate Sirian lightcodes in your energy field and DNA.

For some several decades Indigos, Rainbows, Crystals and Blue Rays, have been incarnating here on a mission to assist with the ascension process of Gaia. Blue Rays beings are strongly connected with the star system Sirius. They have lots of blue and violet energy in their aura that can be seen psychically.

They are natural alchemists and skilled energy workers. They have a huge capacity for compassion and love. They are here to transmute dense difficult energies. Most have chosen difficult mission and often they incarnate in challenging circumstances. When they incarnate, like all other Starseeds, they forget who they are, their natural gifts and soul mission.

Many choose ‘dark’ families and some ‘dark’ cultures where there are dense patterns of abuse that need to be released. This is extra challenging because Blue Ray beings tend to be ultra-sensitive. They can be effected by negative energies and criticism by beings around them that do not understand them nor resonate with them. This can create a strong alchemical process within Blue Rays where they need to heal themselves before they can awaken to their mission here.

They need to learn how to handle this sensitivity and know how to generate strong energetic boundaries before they can really get on line with their energetic-alchemical mission. Their capacity to love can sometimes manifest as an inability to move on. In extreme cases, this can also show up as addiction. Blue Ray beings tend to be more empathic, mystical and quieter than Indigos. Many are drawn to energy work and healing. Blue Ray beings can attract lower energies and entities because they are learning to send all such beings to the light.

When a Blue Ray being activates they heal genetic damage and manipulation in their energy fields. When this happens, they feel less effected by the world and more able to powerfully and positively affect the reality around them. Blue Ray beings, once awakened, work with intensifying their lightbody and they do this through connecting with masters of light and angels. They are connected to Sirian angels and archangels as well as master healers from Sirius. Blue ray are soul activators and awakeners. They are light-bearers shining a bright light in this time of global transition. They come to assist, touch and heal many people.

(As an aside they tend to be aged between late 30’s and early 60’s. Astrological water and air signs or have lots of these two elements showing up in their charts).

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