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BLUE RAY STARSEED TRANSMISSION: Awaken. You Are a Light-Bearer and Way-Shower

Listen to this remastered transmission for Blue Ray Starseeds, originally uploaded September 2017).

This transmission is designed to reconnect you to your star origins, your star tribe and to activate Sirian lightcodes in your energy field and DNA.

For some several decades Indigos, Rainbows, Crystals and Blue Rays, have been incarnating here on a mission to assist with the ascension process of Gaia. Blue Rays beings are strongly connected with the star system Sirius. They have lots of blue and violet energy in their aura that can be seen psychically.

Natural Alchemists…

They are natural alchemists and skilled energy workers. They have a huge capacity for compassion and love. They are here to transmute dense difficult energies. Most have chosen difficult mission and often they incarnate in challenging circumstances. When they incarnate, like all other Starseeds, they forget who they are, their natural gifts and soul mission.

Transforming Darkness…

Many choose ‘dark’ families and some ‘dark’ cultures where there are dense patterns of abuse that need to be released. This is extra challenging because Blue Ray beings tend to be ultra-sensitive. They can be effected by negative energies and criticism by beings around them that do not understand them nor resonate with them. This can create a strong alchemical process within Blue Rays where they need to heal themselves before they can awaken to their mission here.


They need to learn how to handle this sensitivity and know how to generate strong energetic boundaries before they can really get on line with their energetic-alchemical mission. Their capacity to love can sometimes manifest as an inability to move on. In extreme cases, this can also show up as addiction. Blue Ray beings tend to be more empathic, mystical and quieter than Indigos. Many are drawn to energy work and healing. Blue Ray beings can attract lower energies and entities because they are learning to send all such beings to the light.

Blue Ray Awakening…

When a Blue Ray being activates they heal genetic damage and manipulation in their energy fields. When this happens, they feel less effected by the world and more able to powerfully and positively affect the reality around them. Blue Ray beings, once awakened, work with intensifying their lightbody and they do this through connecting with masters of light and angels. They are connected to Sirian angels and archangels as well as master healers from Sirius. Blue ray are soul activators and awakeners. They are light-bearers shining a bright light in this time of global transition. They come to assist, touch and heal many people.

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    1. So beautiful… the depths of my being have altered. Thank you for this transfomative transmission, Steve. Blessings!

  1. Love and gratitude for this moving meditation. Heart opening, tears flowing, home coming. So powerful and profound for me as a Blue Ray Starseed.

  2. A billion blessings to you for your profound works. You have literally changed my life by allowing me to let go of so much suffering and allow divine love to lift me up into a completely different existence. Where once I was trapped, now I am free! Infinite love to you!

  3. Beautiful, so powerful and filled with divine love. You are an amazing healer, thank you. Many blessings and love, love, love to you from a very happy blue ray starseed.

  4. Hello there Steve -‘hope you’re well. I was just wondering….
    How do you know if you’re a blue ray Starseed? Can anyone do this meditation (what if you’re not a blueray starseed ) I’m a bit dubious lately of calling angelics or other beings in as there are many tricksters working in the false light …. What do you think and how do you safeguard/protect yourself when calling these beings in? Thanks xx

  5. Thank you so much. One of the deepest meditations I’ve had. Definetely went into another zone. Amazing. When put the symbol to allign different chakras I felt a huge unblocking and shift.. also on the whole more expansive whilst good to be protected. Definitely travelled over there. Feel very alligned to blue ray and would definitely love to do more work with them. Thank you Steve.

  6. Thank you so much for your article. The first which resonates in me. There is another article about “the blue ray 1 being” on your website. The “blue ray 1 beings are a specific category of the “blue ray starseeds” ?? Thank you for your answer

  7. I am interested to know. Is there a connection between the Blue avians of venus and the Blue Ray starseeds ?

    1. Blue-Ray Starseeds have string links to Sirius. I am not sure if there is any direct link to the Blue Avians. So far i have not had any contact with the latter, though I have heard about them via Corey Goode.

  8. I am one of the oldie but goodie’s. Love, love, love❣️ I’ve been asking for my tribe…thank you most humbly and gratefully✨

  9. Hi Steve

    This is the biggest piece missing in the puzzle for me. A deep heart felt Thankyou. Accessed this while in India doing an Ayurvedic. Retreat so the timing was perfect.

  10. Transformational in the most beautiful , uplifting and empowering way. Thank you. Thank you Thank you! Love and blessings.

  11. Than you …and like many others of us here ..the tears were deep, bittersweet, but with great gratitude for the recognition and knowing

  12. Can I be a blue ray if I am 27 and born in the early 90’s? I am only seeing older blue rays. I connect entirely to the blue ray beings after researching all starseeds and I know within my soul that I am a starseed. My aura ranges from light sky blue to violet, but more often blue, depending. I consider myself an HSP, highly sensitive person, extremely empathetic to the point it disrupts my life, reserved and was born into an abusive life straight out the womb with my mother. My father died before I was born. I am Gemini/Cancer cusp is my Sun, Virgo is Rising, and Moon is in Pisces. I am also very intuitive and have had many prophetic and psychic experiences. I have felt I had a mission my entire life to change the world and I hold myself to a crazy standard regarding that. I am not at all like the rest of my family, the black sheep.


    1. Yes I am 27 as well. My name and birthday both equal 11. My name is listed as a new ascended master with the blue ray 1 aura. My full name in gematria equals 1177 which is interesting because blue rays have ray 1 and ray 7 in their aura. All this I found out within the past 6 months after I took a selfie and the sun took on white angel wings and the baby blue aura looked just like the blue electric angels I was just researching. Everything is interconnected. Blessings to you blue ray <3

  13. Thank you so much for bringing me Home in this Marvellous mediation. Love and Blessings to you dear Starseed Brother.

  14. Thank you so much for this meditation. I feel like a went back home. I took all the Peace I could back with me. I rarely felt that way here on the Earth plane. Love and Light to all Star Beings.

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