Listen to this transmission to help return the energy of the Earth-Star Goddess. This energy has been absent from this planet for many thousands of years. This transmission was recorded in Pelion, Greece in August 2016 by Steve Ahnael Nobel

As the Earth-Star Goddess returns She brings, not a return to matriarchy, but the potential for great balance on the earth plane. In this balance comes the opportunity and potential for a sacred marriage between the inner masculine and feminine, the heart and the mind, love and law.

This transmission is a service to the planet as it is an invitation to channel the energy of the Earth-Star Goddess into the crystal grid of the earth. This is also a service to your own life path as the energy of great love and compassion is channeled at the same time into your own energy fields.

Earth-Star Goddess Transmission: Starseeds – Time to Reclaim the Divine Feminine! from Steve Nobel on Vimeo.


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