Music Tracks

Below are samples of all seven chakra healing music tracks. These tracks can be purchased for personal use and/or commercial use.

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All tracks are composed uniquely to promote a Holistic approach to wellness ; intentions are embedded for healing across all levels of functioning; physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Katherine believes sound is based in physics and in Spirit. Having the correct frequencies to retune and resonate the body is one major aspect, however – connecting people into their own internal guidance system & soul is allowing them to remember their truest essence; which is one of health, peace, homeostasis, balance, calm, love.

Sound Of The Planets – Earth: Frequency Of Oxygen, Gold, Om & Sacred Toning

Welcome to a magical SoundScape that takes you through the healing frequencies of a combination of potent sounds: The frequency of The Earth 136.1 hz OM; The audible frequency of Oxygen as taken from the Spectral data of the element and converted into Sound Waves, and the audible frequency of Gold
Combined with 6 unique crystal tones crystal bowls:- Larimar, Androgynous Indium, Green Heart Ocean, Violet Flame, Laughing Buddha and more! Including vocal toning to bring forth new light codes and healing frequencies to ground, uplift, relax, inspire and transcend.  Close your eyes, open your hearts and draw the earths healing light into every cell of your body. Go forth and shine.

Endocrine System Retune

This track was created with the intention to draw healing light, frequencies throughout the Endocrine System. Using the frequency as supported by Rife, 537hz- and coupled with the Crystal Tones crystal bowls: Androgynous Indium, Throat Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Gold Bowl and more. Allow your body to be completely washed over, take a moment to pause, breathe deep into every cell of your body, and release through the breath all that no longer serves. This track is also great for those who experience anxious tendencies, the base frequencies provide a stabilising effect to the nervous system!

The Healing Sound Of Oxygen

This is a deeply relaxing, restorative, calming & rebalancing track. Combining the main frequency of 528hz, played through tuning forks, allow this track to provide a sense of expansion, as you wash away all stagnant energies in your system. As you allow yourself to connect in with the elements of creation, the healing waters of your physicality. 528hz has heart expansion capacity, focus your intention on this space as you expand your light throughout every cell of your body. This track is designed to take you away, to create a space of deep peace and calm.

Deep Calm: Kids, Teens, Adults

This track is created with the Violet Flame & Venusian crystal singing bowl, bringing forth the intentions to clear/cleanse and realign the energy field and release and retune all lower vibrational energy. The Venusian energy is for calming, promoting spaces of deep serenity, calming and warmth/ safety vibrations. This track is created for children, adults, teens to close their eyes, let go, relax and feel truly relaxed.

Luna Calm

Luna calm is based on the frequency of the moon, 210.42hz (G#) – This track is very calming, taking you on an inner journey to your own sanctuary. The benefits of 210hz are namely for disturbances of the gland and lymph system – Healing of the emotions – Regulating the menstrual cycle – Calming the emotional body. Luna Calm is a great track for anxiety – depression – menstrual issues – sexual trauma – healing the sexual self – balancing the hormones and endocrine system – Allow this track to deeply rest your physical self & ignite an exploration of your inner world

Piano Jane Reflections

Delve into the delightful and magical world of Piano Jane,
A compilation of key and heart strings, painting beautiful sonic landscapes to ease your mind, soothe your soul and invite your spirit on an inner journey. This album “reflections” is inspired by the collective having a space to pause, breathe, reflect and slow down in this time of mainstream isolation and shifting of pace. Close your eyes, go inward and be transported to a realm of relaxation and tranquility.

Audible Frequency Of Oxygen & Gold – Sacred Voice – Light Activation

This track is a powerful combination of Science, as Katherine uses the audible sound of The Elements, Oxygen & Gold, as created by Wiliam Kane-Potaka and Physicist taking the spectral data of the elements and formulating the angstrom into hertz. Studies have shown that oxygen helps: Stimulate brain activity, increase memory capacity, boost concentration, develop stronger alertness, raise energy levels, improve strength, build endurance, detox your blood. And Gold: Improves blood circulation, supports wound healing & infection care, aids in regulating body temperature, helps with arthritis, supports addiction recovery, anti-inflammatory. The sacred vocal toning is to connect you to Source Consciousness, to travel through space/time to find your connection to Home, Angelic Realms & used as a time travelling tool! Close your eyes and allow these healing frequencies to calm your nervous system, relax your mind and body, take your spirit on an adventure. Becoming an active participant in your healing journey is recommended by setting sacred space, setting an intention for connection & visualising light through the crown and throughout the body to all areas in need.

Chakra Healing Music Tracks

These tracks are set with the intention to connect the listener to the Highest aspect of their consciousness, allowing them to retune through the frequencies and return Home to Source Consciousness- where the greatest healing comes! (The knowledge of the Truth Of Who You Really Are).

The Journey Series Music Tracks

Welcome to a series of tracks which create a space for you to explore, align, clear and heal – through the power of Sound, your breath and focused intentions. Allow the frequencies of crystal singing bowls, sacred voice, chimes, certain tones and timbres and embedded intentions to take you on a journey.

Energy Healers, Starseeds and Lightworkers.