Music Tracks

Below are samples of all six Journey Series music tracks. These tracks can be purchased for personal use and/or commercial use.

If you wish to purchase any track there is a discount code for 10%, the code is – SOULMATRIX

Welcome to a series of tracks which create a space for you to explore, align, clear and heal – through the power of Sound, your breath and focused intentions. Allow the frequencies of crystal singing bowls, sacred voice, chimes, certain tones and timbres and embedded intentions to take you on a journey. Each track in the series creates a unique landscape for your psyche to travel down the sound portals made, to connect with other realms – to heal certain physical elements of the body – clear past time lines – connect with loved ones – connect deeply with Gaia. Set your own intention before the track, allow yourself to breathe deeply and draw the healing sounds into your spirit, mind, body and see where the sound and your consciousness guide you. As always, with Love.

Purely Crystalline Intelligence

This sound track is made for the purpose of delivering crystalline healing, allowing each of the crystal bowls to interact with only each other, to create an energetic stream of healing vibrations, rhythmic pulses to shift the brainwaves and a purification of dense energies/emotions to connect with the Higher Self. The lack of added melody a,lows your mind to wander, your spirit to soar and your soul to touch the deepest essences of Home. The crystal singing bowls are purely quartz, amethyst, citrine, mother of pearl and the frequencies cover the resonant frequencies of each of the energy centres. A great track to play through the Sound Lounge as you add other modalities. Also a great track for playing in the background of spaces for Space Clearing. Great for backing to guided meditations. Close your eyes and allow your whole being to be bathed in the sounds of Crystalline intelligence and gentle nature sounds.

Cellular Rejuvenation

This track is specifically designed for the intention of rejuvenating the cells of the body. Findings of MRI scans suggest that at exactly 111hz, the brain switches off the prefrontal cortex, deactivating the language centre, and temporary switches from left to right-sided dominance , that is responsible for intuition, creativity, holistic processing, inducing a state of meditation or a trance. The intention of this track is to create a space where the body is relaxed, but in a state of healing, where the cells are enlivened to create a flow within the body, and the self-healing fires up!

Immune System Support

This track has the intention to create a crystalline container around the body and energetic field. The crystal bowls incorporated are the Master Healer; Quartz Crystal. Androgynous Indium, for balancing masculine and feminine energy channels and the left/right brain. Citrine, for promoting child-like wonder and joy within the Spirit, with the ultimate essence of connecting one to their Original Divine Blueprint. The frequency is based on supporting the immune system to normalize and balance its operation, feeding the mind/ body a miriad of ultra healing frequencies, giving the vital signals to support total wellbeing. This track has rhythmic pulses which slow down the mind, and trigger our innate self-healing capabilities. A light-hearted energy to bring about the relaxation response, so you can feel supported, lifted and remember the true feeling of Health, Wellbeing and Home.

Planet Earth & Om

This track is based on the frequency of Earth and holds the sound of the atmosphere of Earth as taken from NASA recordings and Dr. Jeffry Thompson and the frequency of 136.10. Allow yourself to deeply connect with the sound of Gaia and plug your heart and all chakras down into the crystalline grid of the earth, feel your energies relax and let go to retune to Nature, yourself and the collective of Humanity.

Gentle Gong Journey

Welcome to a gentle gong journey! This track uses the sound and vibrations of the gong, which has so many unique and wonderful frequencies that are a very clearing energy. When you feel down with lower vibrational energies, exhaustion and such, allow the gong to wash over your body with light, draw it into aspects which you hold these emotions. The crystal singing bowl predominantly used is the Thera Gold Bowl, a very grounding and masculine energy which holds and supports you through your experiences and transformations. Included in the track is 5 other crystal singing bowls to support, nourish, expand and soothe the Spirit. Allow yourself to be cleansed and transported to a healing realm in which you feel called.

Egyptian Alchemy

This track has the imbedded intentions to connect you to Egyptian beings, such as Isis. The healing power of Egyptian frequencies carries in the coding of many here on the planet today, bringing forth the remembrance of the healing capabilities of this ear. This sound track is not for the faint of heart, open yourself up to connect with isis and allow your cells and DNA to be purified, alchemised and initiate yourself to the High Priestess. Open your mind, your heart and receive cosmic upgrades.

Inner Work Series Music Tracks

All tracks are composed uniquely to promote a Holistic approach to wellness ; intentions are embedded for healing across all levels of functioning; physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

Chakra Healing Music Tracks

These tracks are set with the intention to connect the listener to the Highest aspect of their consciousness, allowing them to retune through the frequencies and return Home to Source Consciousness- where the greatest healing comes! (The knowledge of the Truth Of Who You Really Are).

Energy Healers, Starseeds and Lightworkers.