Dominique Mallee Meeroff

Steve Nobel is a master healer. He has such finely tuned intuition, years of experience working with people, and a wide set of tools. His work is deep, fast, and powerful. He is the healer all the healers go to.


This was amazing!!! Words cannot express how grateful I am to have read this. My initial awakening started in 2015. I cannot tell you how much darkness I have encountered over the years!!! I will definitely look into The Soul Matrix Healing. I feel like I am one of those who’s been dealing with the […]

Shelley Sims

I have been searching for many years and very specifically many months to find a coach or healer that could help me clear my blocks to overflowing abundance with ease. I was listening to one of my favorite master class/ interview platforms and heard Steve speak. Immediately I knew he had information that could help […]